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Cross-over for the Winter Haven Universe


This serial should be read AFTER you have completed Sanctuary, The Pact 1, The Pact 2The Ghost Half and Winter Haven Country Club!  I would also recommend keeping up to date reading The Fell and DateAVampire1 and DateAVampire2 as well so that you know all the characters very well.  

This story is the Raythe Reign equivalent to the Avengers movies in the Marvel universe.  We will see many of our favorite characters interacting with one another, but also, they will determine the fate of the world by their actions.  

Though the character art shows only Peter and Hans, this story is huge and will not just focus on them.  Prepare yourself (as I prepare myself lol) for a sprawling epic with POVs from Cole, Stephanus, Demetrius, Alex, the Nomad, Alric, Peter, Hans, Nate, Emrys and more.

I think of this story as a love letter to the Members who have made this site possible.  

My suggestion is that you read in the following order, if you haven't already:

The Pact 1

The Pact 2

Sanctuary 1

The Ghost Half


Sanctuary 2

Reading you may wish to include, but is not crucial exactly or takes place after Sanctuary 2:

The Fell



As you can imagine, this serial is for Members Only.

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