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Two human explorers enter a world of Vampires. 

Vampires are real. 

At least that’s what Julian Harrow and Christian Thorne are trying to prove with their YouTube show. But as they uncover the truth, the beautiful, seductive monsters they seek, are also seeking them. 

Lord Balthazar Ravenscroft, the roguish Vampire with the ability to read minds, finds himself drawn to Christian, determined to protect the boy, even as his quest to uncover the truth puts all of Vampire kind in danger. But worse, as Christian and Julian have discovered the Ever Dark, the Vampire’s secret world, where they risk waking the most powerful, deadly Vampire of all: Daemon the Vampire King. 

A Vampire of infinite dark power, Daemon hasn’t woken for millennia, but now something–or rather someone–has dragged him back to the world of mortals: Julian Harrow. 

Because Vampires are real, and if Julian and Christian aren’t careful they soon may find themselves joining them, bound as their eternal mates. 


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