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    Rowan Winter has a darkness inside of him. Can Jack Corbyn keep him in the light?


    When Rowan Winter was 18-years-old his parents murdered his sister and carved a labyrinth symbol into his chest. As members of the Labrys cult, their parents believed Rowan and his sister’s souls had been replaced by Dark Ones. 

    But FBI Agent Jack Corbyn rescued Rowan, even as the rest of the cult were consumed by fire. Jack found himself drawn into a dark passion with Rowan, but ended the relationship as he feared he was causing the young man more harm than good. 

    Now, ten years later, Rowan is a world-renowned expert in cults while Jack has risen in the ranks of the FBI. Neither think to see each other again until a body is found with the same labyrinth symbol cut into its chest that was carved into Rowan’s body. Has the Labrys Cult returned? But, more importantly, were they right about Rowan being a demon?