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Can the Immortal Kaly become whole? And will humanity steal the gift of immortality from the Vampires?

Quinn Mallory can talk to the dead. When the Vampires–especially Kaly Vampires who have the ability to control spirits–revealed their existence to humanity, he believed that he would be able to use his gift more openly to help the grieving people who came to his grandparents’ funeral home. Instead, humans are now inconsolable. After all, since Vampires are real, why did their loved ones have to die at all? And if death is nothing to be feared, why are the ancient Vampires so definitive about not leaving this existence?

Vampire Lord Caemorn Losus is the leader of the Kaly Vampires. Over the millennia, he sliced his soul into pieces in order to accomplish many tasks at once, but this slicing got out of hand. Now he must re-absorb those wayward parts and become the Immortal Kaly once more. But the single largest part of his missing soul was reincarnated as a human, specifically as Quinn Mallory and Quinn has no intention of being absorbed. And if that was not enough of a problem, Caemorn is not the only part of himself looking to absorb Quinn. Other powerful slices are on the hunt for the reincarnated young man, too.

Gentleman thief Nicholas “Nick” Avery has been hired by a group of human billionaires, who are angry that the new Vampire rulers of Earth haven’t turned them into fellow blood-drinking immortals. They want Nick to steal a new government-produced serum, which will create Master-less Vampires. These Master-less Vampires won’t bow to Vampire King Daemon.  

For the amount of money the billionaires are paying him, Nick has no doubt that he can get into the highly secure secret government lab and steal the serum. After all, it’s like he’s invisible to people when he wishes to be. But what he doesn’t count on is getting bitten by one of these Master-less Vampires himself and the strange changes that start occurring to him…

Meet newcomers Quinn and Nick along with all of your Ever Dark favorites in this new installment in the Ever Dark Universe in Ever Dark Equinox!