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Beautiful, aloof, obscenely wealthy, and, seemingly, untouchable, Dr. Rowan Winter has dedicated his life to studying the cults. One stole his sister's life and tried to take his own. He often is called in by law enforcement to assist with such groups, but does he have his own agenda that is hidden by his icy demeanor? The only chink in his armor is Jack Corbyn, but he hasn't seen Jack in a decade and never intends to speak to the FBI agent that saved his life and broke his heart.


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  • AH, loving the Artifact Vibes.

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  • He looks a bit like Leo DiCapprio in Titanic <3 beautiful. I like how both men look a bit older/mature in this story, refreshing.

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  • To be honest I’m having trouble seeing him as “beautiful” with the sketches here-this is more rough and handsome to me, unless the mental image of our lovely author and the artist’s here was different! I’m excited to see more description of Rowan in the future!

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  • All though he may have an icy demeanour, I like the fact that he has kind eyes (that is the first thing I felt when looking at his face) its a puzzle and a nice contrast with his personality :)

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  • Yay, evil parents with no possible redemption right? I mean, oh no, poor Rowan :D.

    He reminds me of Bruce Wayne.

    Will be glad to see another icy character.

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