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rr labyrinth 04


Rowan does not like to share his Jack with anyone. Jack's only focus is on the beautiful man he thought he had to leave to save.


  • ggldfdsghdfgejek "speaks in cuthulllthu aroused madness":D

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  • Absolutely stunning work. I could stare slack-jawed at this all day.

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  • Can I just say... that ass :):);)

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  • Im loving the possessive side to our FBI agent! And urgjsjdkdkdkkd the beard looks marvelous!

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  • They are so gorgeous together... wow! I must say the prelude intro reminds me a bit of Freyr and Jian, probably due to the caring law enforcement officer and the fragile victim angle. How absolutely devastated Rowan must have been by Jack's abandonment... TLC

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