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  • Love the Kaly logo

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  • It reminds me of :
    One ring to rule them all
    One ring to find them
    One ring to bring them all
    And In the darkness bind them.

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  • Ohhhhh, Nice. I like the way it was positioned, listing everything one by one with all the names, descriptions, and sygils, and then BOOM.... All powers in one, and one power to end them all. Sweet!

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  • Nice Look, and I like the bloodline list.

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  • If I had to choose a single one I would choose Horys. Atmokinesis is an amazing ability. Plus in the X-men Storm is my favorite!

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  • i like the improved version!

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  • I think more to Helm my friend always tell me they didn't notice me next to him

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  • Bloodline daemon. I'll. Have all the gifts.

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  • I would like to be dreaming. Have all the gifts. Wow

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  • I am definitely . . . .Bloodline Seeyr!

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