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Young man discovers pleasure and pain of being the devil.

In this sequel to The Pact, still reeling from the revelation of Nate's true identity, Nate, Emrys and the gang start at Dunhaven School for the Gifted or as Emrys calls it "Hogwarts on Meth".  As if the delights and dangers of dating Emrys Frost aren't enough, there are rumors of Devil-worship among the student body and witchhunters making their way to Winter Haven.  It's going to be a hell of year ... perhaps literally.


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Nathaniel Whitney

Nate fears he might be going crazy when it seems he can summon lightening from the sky. Is he like his father? The man who killed his mother after claiming she was possessed by a demon? But then the beautiful and damaged Emrys Frost enters his life and reveals to Nate that his father wasn’t crazy at all and Nate … well, Nate really can summon lightening and much, much more.

Emrys Frost

The beautiful, damaged and wild Emrys Frost returns to Winter Haven from parts and for reasons unknown. But he immediately seeks out Nate Whitney as the young man is a witch from a powerful line of witches just like Emrys is. The demon that possessed Nate’s mother has possessed another and intends to bring about the end of the world and only Nate, Emrys and their friends to stop it.

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