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"Overcome your fate, just as I overcame mine..."

Those were Ethan's mother's last words before she wasted away in their apartment in Winter Haven's slums.

She had always claimed that the two of them were not ordinary humans, but part of a race of fallen elves called the Fell, ruled by Ethan's evil grandfather.  But on her deathbed, she revealed the secret identity of Ethan's father -- none other than Alric Koenig, one of Winter Haven's richest elite, and supposedly the Elven king who had defeated the Fell.  Conceived, unbeknownst to Alric, through her father's dark magic, Ethan's fate is to be used as an instrument of revenge against him.

Ethan does not believe her fairytales about Elven kings and dread magic. But, as if his mother's words have woven a spell upon him, Ethan finds himself falling in love with Alric from afar.  Never believing he will have his love returned, Ethan, shockingly, finds himself thrust into Alric's path and discovers that perhaps his mother's fairytales were true after all.

*This is a remix of The Erl-King: same characters, but things are all mixed up.  You should read each as separate stories, but you might have some fun reading both and comparing.

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Ethan Furst

Ethan has lived in from hand to mouth in gilded Winter Haven, his dual sources of comfort, his best friend Scott and his love-from-afar of Alric Koenig.  But then everything changes when he tries to save a little girl in the woods and sees a crown of stars upon Alric Koenig's head as he rides in to rescue them both.  The leads him to believe that his mother's stories might have been true, but that means the bad as well as the good is real.

Alric Koenig

Alric has seen his people die, his ability to have children quenched, and his ability to love dull.  That is until he meets a young man in the woods.  Ethan Furst reminds him of the Elven princes of old.  But all his excitement comes to a screeching halt when he hears that a dread Fell has somehow entered his lands.  Could that Fell be Ethan?  Will he have to destroy the one that has awakened him from grief?

Scott Westmore

Scott's parents were killed in a car accident, which sent him to live in Winter Haven with his Grandpa Joe.  There he met Ethan, a beautiful young man with a sadder history than his own.  In his quest to bring Ethan happiness, he causes events to spin far out of control.  But will he be rewarded for his good intentions with a love of his own ... or punished for getting involved in something he shouldn't have?

Jordan Frasier

Jordan is Alric's devoted servant.  But it is not only serving an Elven king that keeps him separated from the rest of humanity.  Jordan is a werewolf and the wolf inside of him constantly hungers for human flesh and blood.  When he sees Scott Westmore, his wolfish nature takes over and wishes to overwhelm him.  Will he succeed in keeping it in check or will the desire for the young man overwhelm his iron control?

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