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In this sequel to Sanctuary (read Sanctuary first because SPOILERS), Flynn Haggerty thinks he is looking for answers to his forgotten past.  Grand Master Vampire the Nomad aka Professor Xavier Fall believes Flynn is heading towards darkness and intends to watch the show ... until the tender feelings the vampire thought he had long lost return when he looks into Flynn's determined, wounded eyes.

Flynn was ten when his family disappeared, as did all of the residents of the west half of Hamilton, Wisconsin in a single night.  No one knows what happened to them.  Stranger still, no one appears to be trying to find out except for a small expedition of students from Miskatonic University's Occult Studies Department. 

The beautiful and mysterious Professor Xavier Fall has arranged an expedition to the town to find out exactly what happened to half of Hamilton's residents.  He is bringing with him a group of extraordinary students who have gifts beyond intelligence, gifts like telepathy, the ability to see ghosts and so much more.  

Flynn is determined to join this expedition. He believes its his only chance to recover his memories of what happened to him, his family and so many others.  He doesn't believe he has any room in his life for lust ... or love, but Xavier Fall is not a being to be ignored.

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