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Incubus, Stephanus Grayland, had everything in his life under control.  As owner and host of the Winter Haven Country Club, he has his pick of the most beautiful, powerful and sophisticated men and women of the world to slake his hunger.  As an incubus, he doesn't want love, doesn't desire the complications of it, because love is anything but orderly.

Cole Peltier is the child of an incubus and a succubus, a child born of the rarest of loves, and all he wants is a relationship like they have.  But offspring such as Cole were thought to be mythical.  They were also rumored to possess incredible powers.  But Cole doesn't seem to have even the usual gifts of an incubus. Cole thinks he must be "normal" until the night he and his parents are cornered by a group that want to capture him and sell him to the highest bidder.  His parents die trying to save him and, in his anguish, Cole turns everyone to dust ... except for one person ...

Stephanus came to the auction of Cole Peltier in an attempt to put an end to it.  The selling of his kind is abhorrent to him.  Instead, he arrives just in time to see Cole destroy a roomful of people.  Stephanus is forced to take Cole in or risk humanity discovering the existence of non-humans and Cole ending up dead.  The last thing he wants to do is bring the complication of Cole Peltier into his life.

But as his assistant Anita always says, "Life is complicated." 

This will follow Stephanus and Cole plus many others who come in and out of Winter Haven's most elite private club.


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