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  • I would like to say that I have worked VERY hard to read this story. See, I read Sanctuary before I read ANY of the other stories in the required and suggested reading list on the story's home page, except the Fell. I did not know what i was getting into when I started using this site but my f*cks have been nil and my regrets have been even less. My free time, waiting time, eating time, and insomnia time has been filled with story after story and chapter after chapter and its been just over a month. I have devoured whole stories, both completed and updating but the most were JUST to be able to read THIS story. And I'm so excited I am fighting myself to take the time to drop a comment. You made me work for this story, I can't wait to start reading.

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  • I do hope we read about Alex acting on his Argyris attributes too. Not just his brother Peter.

    What if Hans trying to discipline Peter and Alex acting all obsessive over Peter. We don't see a lot of that side with Alex only Peter, that displays Argyris attributes. But we forget Alex also has Argyris blood in him. Alex being a vampire doesn't cancel his Argyris blood.

    from Sydney NSW, Australia
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  • WOW you tease us with theses pictures i cant wait love all your story's been a member for years and will be for many more keep up the fab work xxxx

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  • OHMYGODIAMSOEXCITEDICANTSTANDIT!!!!!!!!! I have been jumping up and down and dancing for the past 10 minutes reading this!!!!! I love these characters and their stories and I know you're gonna do a killer job, Raythe! GET IT GIRL!

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  • In reply to: jkerstetter

    Aw! Thank you! I can't believe I am just DOING IT. No real planning as I thought I would do. The stories are just there for me to interweave.

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  • Peter is suppose to be a kid and in this picture he looks way to old

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  • In reply to: yuuki_akuma

    Uhm, no, Yuuki, he's NOT a kid. I wouldn't make an 11 year old look like a 25 year old by accident ...

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  • This is your most ambitious project yet Raythe to have so many POV's, but I know you can do it! Sanctuary is one of my favorite stories so I squealed loudly when I got the announcement email I cant wait for this to start!

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  • In reply to: x_bubblez_x

    It is and I'm nervous as heck about it, but it feels like it was meant to be.

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  • Peter was a young boy in sactuary if i remember rightly 14? So will this story be years after? Did peter not fall in love with his brother? In sactuary they were going to send him away ?is this going to start after his return? So many questions to be answered so i belive this will be a pretty in depth book but i am looking forward to it because my questions will be answered with in the story because that is what the team always achieve in the books so i say thank you for your hard work

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