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The Argyris are known for three things. The first is their beauty.  The second is their almost obsessive love of their family members. And the third ... is their ruthlessness to all those they consider outsiders.  Peter and Alex were brought up outside of the Argyris, but some things are inbred and not learned.  The question for Peter will be whether he can overcome the pull of his blood or will ruthlessness rule him.

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  • I had a powerful, visceral reaction to seeing Peter as an adult. Firstly, I read the first 15 chapters of "Sanctuary 2" and so I'm aware of how Peter comes to be an adult. That felt like a punch in the gut. I enjoy becoming emotionally invested in stories. For me, story immersion is everything and so I felt the loss of Peter's childhood as Alex and the rest of his family did. I wailed inside. I wanted them to help him. I still do. He is lovely but I can't help but feel like Peter has been tainted. That the lovely creature on this page is nothing like how he might have been naturally. For all that I enjoy this beauty, it sickens me as a reader. I see only loss and suffering. No beauty, no matter how potent, is adequate compensation for the loss of one's soul.

    from Brookhaven, GA, USA
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  • He reminds me very much of Dean, hahaha. :D sooooo pretty

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  • When I saw the picture, my first tough, my very DIRTY first tough was: much have you growth... ;):D:p

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  • a speck on my computer screen made me think Peter had a mole and I was about to lose my mind. I know we've only envisioned Pete as a pre-teen/early teen but seeing these illustrations now I'm just sitting here nodding like 'yes, this, this! is Peter'. I agree with nightrage about Peter giving off hunter vibes, I think its the eyes. Of course super stocked to see how you're going to lay everything out and excited to get lost in this mental maze Raythe!

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  • I am so excited for this epic story! I've never gotten around to finishing The Pact 2 or Ghost Half and now I'm going to have to do some binge reading to catch up! ;) Partially because I love all of these stories and partially because I thought Peter was like...12ish?

    Off to read!

    PS... have you ever considered making something along the lines of a "Winter Haven Encyclopedia"? There's so many characters, worlds, and terms to know, so something like that would be a nice reference guide for such a vast and awesome world you've created. :)

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  • Peter strikes me as a hunter always dangerous, the one you think oh pretty but at the same time he puts you on guard and hackles on end wondering when he'll strike. A near perfect opposite to his brother Alex who makes me think more of a mother or a protector of the den more approachable and not always giving off danger signals. But heaven help you if you disturb the den or hurt or attempt to hurt the family. I'm very much uncertain which one is more dangerous.

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  • In reply to: nightrage

    I think this is VERY ACCURATE about Peter!

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  • blaid

    Ohhhh! I like!

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  • blaid

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    But in my honest opinion, while he gains control of it, I hope he keeps his ruthlessness and quirks. Be the exact opposite of his brother, you know?

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