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 Young man discovers nightclub run by and for vampires.

Alex Bryant escapes his creepy stepfather at the ultra-exclusive club, Sanctuary. But when he catches sight of Sanctuary's owner, Demetrius Black, he has another reason to go there other than to dance.

Demetrius is secretly a vampire, using the club as a way to draw prey near because an illness keeps him from the world.  Despite this, Demetrius longs for Alex’s company and an unlikely friendship begins.

So when Alex’s life is in danger, Demetrius is the one he calls.

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Alexander Bryant

Since his father’s untimely death from cancer, Alex has always had to count on himself to make sure that he and his little brother Peter are safe. But then a situation arises which is way beyond his ability to save himself, let alone Peter. He turns to Demetrius Black, club owner and sufferer of a mysterious illness, for help. Alex quickly finds himself wanting to help the beautiful, fragile man recover and re-enter the world. But what Alex doesn’t know is that Demetrius’ world is one of blood, sex and death.

Demetrius Black

A Master Vampire, abandoned by his creator, Demetrius suffers from a strange illness that makes him a prisoner of his over-sensitive nerves. He finds himself falling into a deep depression where nothing interests him until he overhears Alex talking to Peter outside his club. Moved by the brotherly tenderness and depth of one so young as Alex, he thinks to just give the young man a night in his club, but instead finds himself offering Alex a home when the young man suddenly has nowhere else to go.

The Nomad

The Nomad is a Grand Master Vampire, one of the oldest of his kind, and tasked with the duty of punishing those vampires who break the Law. No one knows his face or true name. He made one fledgling, Demetrius Black, whom he abandoned right after turning him. He secretly shows up at Demetrius’ club Sanctuary and only makes his presence known to Alex. Is he there to look over his ill fledgling or is he there to enact justice on a vampire that has broken the Law.

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