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Jace trailed his fingers up between Tristan’s spread thighs. Tristan let out a low huff of breath and moved his legs wider so that those teasing hands could easily cup his bare cock. Every touch set his veins on fire and he stretched sensually so that his naked backside slipped along the soft cotton of Jace’s bed’s sheets.

The moonlight coming through the bedroom window silvered Jace’s messy brown hair and highlighted his sharp cheekbones. Tristan had wanted to make love with the lights on this time, but Jace was self-conscious about how he looked naked. Tristan thought Jace was beautiful with his slender frame, pouting lips, an upturned nose and a splash of freckles across his wide forehead.

“So you still think you made a mistake coming here rather than staying at home for your brother’s b-day?” Jace asked as he toyed with Tristan’s balls.

“Don’t – don’t --”

“Don’t what?” Jace stopped what he was doing.

“Don’t stop!” Tristan whined.

“Ah, okay. You like this.” He rolled Tristan’s balls in his hand.

The remains of their romantic dinner sat on the bedside table only half-eaten. Jace had been so eager to make love that they’d barely touched the food before climbing into bed. Tristan had only a momentary qualm at how fast they were moving, how they had hardly talked and really celebrated their six-months together, before Jace was on him. But he figured the other boy was just anxious to touch him now that they finally had the house to themselves.

“Still think that cake and singing happy birthday would have been more fun than me and you naked together?” Jace whispered.

Tristan’s hips arched off the bed. His cock struck his belly and a splash of precum wet the valley between his stomach muscles. He didn’t want to think of his family at a time like this. He wanted to just feel. “Don’t talk about my family now!”

“Oh, that’s not good. You’re talking in complete sentences. I have to stop that,” Jace said. He slid his fingers along the backside of Tristan’s cock.

“I – I – fuck, don’t stop doing that!” Tristan beggend

“But if I don’t then I can’t do this.” Jace trailed his fingers lower and probed between Tristan’s butt cheeks.

“Oh, g—god!” Tristan stuttered.

He curled his legs up until his knees touched his chest. His ass cheeks parted slightly, revealing the tight swirl of muscle of his anus. Jace rubbed the pads of his fingers around the pink pucker. Tristan wanted to feel those digits inside of him, plunging deep and spreading his ass open.

“You’re so hot,” Jace murmured as he pressed his dry fingers teasingly up against Tristan’s quivering hole. “You look so much better than anyone else like this.”

“How would you know? Have you been fucking other people recently so you have something to compare to?” Tristan laughed, thinking it was just like Jace to tease him like that.

Jace’s eyes were shaded and he didn’t say anything. Tristan felt another stab of unease, but he told himself it was nothing. They were together. It was their anniversary. He had stop thinking so much.

“Are you going to fuck me?” Tristan asked, his voice low and deeper than normal. Better to ask this than probe why Jace was biting his lower lip as if he had something to say.

“Yeah, fuck, yeah, I am.” Jace’s cock jerked and the head turned a deeper rose hue.

The snapping sound of the lube being opened had Tristan’s heart racing. He and Jace had only made love half a dozen times. The first had been a quickie against a wall outside of school. The scrapes the bricks left on Tristan’s ass had convinced him, and finally Jace, that having a soft bed was the way to go. But that meant they were limited in how often they could be together without risk of interruption. But that made their times together that much more special in Tristan’s mind. He hoped it was the same for Jace.

The cool touch of Jace’s lubed fingers against his anus had Tristan clenching down at first, but Jace kept moving his finger along the tight muscle until it began to loosen. His breathing sped up as he stared down at his finger moving over Tristan’s crack.

“Relax, baby. I need to get in there,” Jace chuckled. “Am I going to have to pry your sweet ass open?”

“N—no. Just touch my cock. It’ll help,” Tristan said and let his thighs fall open so that Jace could reach his dripping penis.

Jace grabbed Tristan’s cock in one slippery hand and began to slowly jerk him off while his other hand pushed up against Tristan’s opening. Tristan whined as Jace tugged on his penis until it was almost painful. Then his hand slid down to the root and Jace massaged Tristan’s balls until he was squirming and his sphincter was opening and closing.

“That’s better. You’re getting less tense.” Jace pushed one finger up inside of Tristan.

“Ohhhh, yeah, there, please!” Tristan trembled as he was breached for the first time that night. There was always a trace of pain, but that made it more real and anchored him with Jace instead of floating away into his own orgasm.

Jace’s pointer finger slid all the way up to the knuckle inside of him. He slowly pulled it out and thrust it back in. Tristan’s head tossed on Jace’s pillow as his cock was stroked and his ass was fingered. Sweat broke out on his upper lip and he whined low as another finger joined the first.

“God, you’re so tight. So hot. I don’t know how long I can wait to fuck you, Tris,” Jace moaned. His hips pushed against Tristan’s spread thighs. His cock rubbed up against Tristan’s and both fingers plunged deep inside.

Tristan’s hips jerked at the sudden intrusion of a third finger. Jace spread them apart as he pulled them out then speared into him once more. He panted as Jace scrapped his fingertips against his prostate. His cock felt so hard it was going to explode. Jace smeared his thumb over the tip and precum bubbled out like a spring.

“Fuck, I’ve got to get a condom on and fuck you, baby. I’m going to go off like a rocket if I don’t,” Jace whispered. He kept his one hand inside of Tristan’s ass. His fingers flexed and stretched Tristan, while his other hand fumbled for the silver package by the bedside.

Jace ripped the condom open with his teeth and then smoothed it over his cock. He was squirting lube over the slick condom when Tristan began to push down on Jace’s hand. He loved the sense of being opened. He imagined it was Jace’s cock and he bore down with his muscles. Jace swore lightly.

“I want you in me, Jace,” Tristan ordered.

“Bossy bottom. I like it.” Jace grinned.

“You know it. Now fuck me,” Tristan said with a pout.

“No problem.”

Jace centered his cock against Tristan’s hole. He placed his hands on either side of Tristan’s head and then he used his body weight and the powerful muscles in his ass to push inside. Tristan hissed as his tender tissues were breached. He moaned and lifted his ass higher as the head of Jace’s cock popped through his sphincter.

“All the way in! Just push. Don’t stop!” Tristan cried.

Once Jace was fully seated inside of him, he knew that the pain would ease and the pleasure could begin. Jace paused once he was balls deep inside of Tristan. His breath puffed against Tristan’s face. Tristan feathered one hand in the hair at the back of Jace’s head. He wanted them to kiss, but Jace turned his head at the last minute and Tristan’s lips brushed along his cheek. He was about to say something as a burst of hurt went through him, but Jace had already begun to pull out and push back inside of him again and all thought was lost. The short jerky bursts of motion felt incredible as Jace’s cock rubbed against Tristan’s prostate. He gripped Jace’s arms as the boy’s strokes became smoother.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Jace whispered. His eyes were shut and the muscles in his neck stood out as he pistoned inside of Tristan.

Tristan let out a long, low moan that never stopped. He flexed his ass muscles around Jace’s cock with every inward thrust, trying to capture and keep Jace inside of him for longer. But Jace pulled out each time until only the tip of his penis remained inside then he slammed back home again. The bed jerked and jangled with the wild thrusts.

“Harder, oh, god, fuck, harder!” Tristan murmured into Jace’s ear.

He wasn’t sure he could handle harder, but his words had Jace’s eyelids popping open and the boy pushing them so tightly together that they were almost one. Tristan loved that. He felt they were together in this. Even if Jace still wouldn’t kiss him. Tristan’s cock bounced against his belly. Jace needed both hands to keep himself upright as he fucked Tristan hard. Tristan snaked one of his own hands between them and began to stroke himself. Every inward thrust of Jace’s cock had him twisting his own cock.

“Gonna cum,” Jace said hoarsely.

His thrusts were more erratic now. When he sank all the way in, Jace ground his pelvis against Tristan’s ass before he pulled out and shot right back in again. Tristan stroked up and down on his own cock hard and fast. Pressure built up in his balls.

“Me, too,” Tristan breathed out.

Heat streaked through him as Jace gripped his hips and performed a series of short, quick thrusts and grinds before a final plunge inside of him. Jace’s body went rigid above his own. His back arched and Tristan felt Jace’s cock pulse once, twice and then he felt the condom expand inside of him. Tristan worked his penis one last time with a hard press of his fingers behind his balls and then he was cumming. Ropes of semen covered his belly and some spatters even reached his neck. His legs fell down onto the bed and his eyes fluttered shut. He felt Jace move off and collapse beside him. Both boys breathed heavily.

He felt the bed lift as Jace moved off. Tristan whimpered and reached for his boyfriend, but Jace was already too far away to touch.

“Where are you going? Don’t leave,” Tristan said.

Seeing Tristan’s confusion, Jace said, “Going to get something to clean us up.”

Jace shuffled off into the dimness of his room and then out into the hall. The light switched on in the bathroom and Tristan saw the curve of Jace’s ass going away from him. He covered his eyes with his forearm. But then there was a chirping sound. At first he thought it was his comm. Neither Jace’s nor his parents would let them get the implant yet so their comms were restricted to outerwear. Jace’s was a thin metal bracelet. Tristan saw that the bracelet had come off and was lying beside his hip. It was chirping to indicate a message. He hazily grabbed it and the holographic display popped up. It was just a text.

Missing you, baby.

Three words and Tristan’s universe shifted. He sat up in bed. His mouth was dry as he checked the log. It was from a boy at school, Christian Finn. There were more than just the one message. There were vids and still pictures. Christian naked. Christian jacking himself off. Jace jacking Christian off. Dated last week. Last week when Jace had been so busy. Studying.

Tristan saw Jace through the hologram as Jace walked in with a towel in one hand. Their gazes met.

“Tris, I can explain,” Jace said.

Tristan laughed bitterly and shook his head. “I’m sure you can. But it won’t change the fact that you betrayed me. And I left my family tonight for you. I don’t know who’s the bigger asshole here.”

“Tris, don’t say that,” Jace begged.

Tristan ripped the towel out of his hand. “I’m getting out of here. I’m going home. Just – just get out of my way.”

  • As the song says, "It's in his kiss." Or lack thereof in this case.

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  • This Jace is a total jerk... Unlike the sweet, loving Jace in EoS.
    On a more positive note, I like that protection is being discussed in this story. With the shifter, vampire, and witch stories, there's no worry (or nearly so) about STDs. I'm glad that since these aren't supernatural beings, they're being responsible.

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  • That was so hot and so sad!

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  • What the fuck?what a ass hole

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  • Now Jace is a world class asshole and Tris is just a miss lead asshole.

    from Sacramento, CA, USA
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  • boys trouble already

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  • the guy was ass hole

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  • I mean, saw that cumming*** literally. Lol but seriously the dude was acting distant the whole time. Hell no, I'd have kicked his little ass.

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  • Sir Tristan

    This is so trippy! But the only Jace I've ever come across is Jace Crispin of the Chippendales. Seriously, Google Image that mess; he looks just like Thor!

    This is looking to be another awesome novel! I can't wait to see the meeting of Tristan and his new man! Tristan (again, trippy) seems to be very clingly and schmoozy. I bet that's going to be an issue with cold-as-ice Yasuo.

    Comment last edited on about 10 years ago by xaratare
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  • yukinechan

    Ouch, that must hurt. Both because of the betrayal, and his own behavior with his family.
    Hey! I've been the first comment in all the chapters! :D
    sorry mine are short but i just want to read the next one, and the next, and the next!!!

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