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Kuroi Karasu

Kuroi Karasu's beginnings mirror Yasuo's except for some terrible differences. Unlike Yasuo's mother who was caught unawares by a ghost, Kuroi's mother sought them out. Nine months pregnant and filled with rage at the father of her child, she went out in a boat to where the ghosts cluster, wanting to die. She perished as hundreds of ghosts surrounded her small boat, but her unborn son, Kuroi, did not. He, too was saved by an Oyabun, Hiro Nakamura of the Nakamura-kai Clan, cut from his mother's womb. Hiro Nakamura is rumored to be Kuroi's father, but he has never acknowledged the boy though Kuroi has risen high in the ranks of Nakamura-kai.

Kuroi is rumored to be able to make the ghosts do his bidding. He is also known to be quite mad ...

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