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Akane Sato and Masa Watanabe

Sato Akane, aged 25, is one of the few female members of the Kyuubi-Kai clan, but she is rumored to be more vicious than many of the men. When she was ten-years-old, she watched her mother be raped and then killed. She was also raped by the same man and left for dead in the street when a ghost found her. Still scarred by her attack, emotionally and physically, Akane's singular focus was to get revenge. She fights with long, thin needles rather than a sword or gun, making sure that her foes feel their deaths coming for them. Tarada Kiyuubi was impressed by her skills and her murderous nature. He offered her a place in his family. That was where she met Masa Watanabe and fell in love with a man deep in mourning for his dead wife and child

Masa Watanabe, aged 35, is often underestimated as mindless thug due to his large size, but he has almost as nimble an intellect as Yasuo. At one time, he was a police officer in Hong Kong, but he left the legal side of things after the deaths of his wife and son by ghosts, which left him alive and a marked man. He is often the one that Yasuo goes to when he wants something done flawlessly.


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