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Anita sees the most important part of her job as assistant to Stephanus Grayland to remind Stephanus that the world cannot be put into orderly little boxes even as she tries to keep his life running smoothly and protects him as much as possible.  She knows this, because chaos and tragedy have already touched her deeply.  

When Cole enters the picture she sees that Stephanus has a chance to let a little "good disorder" into his life.  

  • DAMN... now THAT is a Beautiful POWERFUL woman who commands a room!

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  • Gorgeous. I love how all the pictures are of smooth skinned beauties. So unfair to us normal mundanes. XD

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  • I love that collar/necklace. I think jewelry like this is wonderful. I wish I could pull off wearing it. Great job on the art as a whole as well. To me the jewelry says "I'm a strong woman, don't mess with me." Great work!

    from Tucson
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  • Very cool. Finally, adding some different human races up in here. I really love this picture. She looks beautiful and classy. Honestly, I think she looks more attractive than the boys, cause I didn't find them to be very handsome. The artist did an amazing job.

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  • Her eyes are such a bright shade of blue, unnaturally so for a human... and those of African ancestry usually have dark eyes. Anita isn't human, is she?

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  • Just seen the pics for your new story. All I can say is WOW!!
    Anita reminds me of Bane's servant but with a "Don't mess with me and what is mines or else" attitude.
    This is going to be fun to follow and I can't wait for the first chapter.

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  • she looks like a real ass kicker, I have a feeling her interactions with Stephanus will provide much entertainment, while she will be sweet to Cole, you can see both side from looking at her

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  • She is so beautiful. She exudes such bravery, strength and kindness. Her cheekbones are absolutely phenomenal. One of the things I love about your stories, aside from love in all its glorious, unhindered forms, is that unlike most men's love novels, the female characters aren't for show. They can be strong, vulnerable, meaningful, good friends and assertive to help themselves and those they care for (Mrs. Darnley was a good example, so is Lily). I love stories that give both sexes meaningful roles. Rather than stupid boorish man who needs woman to save and guide him or a wilting flower who sells herself short and is then 'saved' by a man whom she pales to once that conquering phase is over. That's why I describe. No nameless or faceless mothers and sisters here with hot and action packed stories.

    from California, USA
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  • She looks so beautiful! I'm really excited to read about her character, she looks intriguing this should be a great story!

    from Darien, IL 60561, USA
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  • I can already tell i'm going to like her a lot.

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