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Cole Peltier believed he was "normal", without any of the carnal powers that his mother, a Succubus, and his father, an Incubus, have in spades.  His parents love was considered forbidden and downright "unnatural", but there have always been rumors that the offspring of such a union could be very powerful, only no offspring have ever been known to exist.  Until Cole.

His parents hid the danger he was in, trying to shield him and give him a good life.  But eventually he is discovered and Cole finds that not only is he "not normal", he is "not normal" even for non-humans.

  • poor guy, I would see him and immediately want to help him!
    then he would "ACCIDENTALLY" use his powers on me and THE FUN WOULD BEGIN lol.

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  • Well it looks like Stephanus has met his match in Cole!i'm really looking forward to reading the story!

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  • In reply to: arnangela

    Cole is such a match for him. Tee hee! This is going to be a lot of fun!

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  • You've killed off the parent again, haven't you, Raythe?

    I think I'll like him. It's cool to be able to read about a character with my coloring. I mean that, my eyes are just a shade darker and grayer, my skin a shade paler and rosier, my hair just a bit more coppery. It's awewome. And his vigilance, that I can understand. And even if you hasn't killed his parents, he's been taken from them. That, I know. And I've never been "normal", nefer thought this completely arbitrary belief in normalcy to exist. I'll really be able to emphasize with him.

    Just one thing; how can there be rumors about something that's never existed? Just seems like a shot in the dark for people to think of that union and say, 'hey, I bet their offspring would be powerful!' I think he's definitely not the first.

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  • In reply to: Erinys

    (1) Dead parents - yes, yes, I DID. I think I do this b/c its the only way a kid is on his own with no one to help him. But my goodness, it is a thing I do, isn't it?

    (2) More like myths. Maybe some HAVE existed in the far past, which is actually likely, but most were killed so they've been reduced to myth.

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  • He so adorable. I can't wait to see how he turns out. I hate the fact that his powers manifest in a state of anguish though.

    Cole Peltier sounds like a name from a Sherilyn Kenyon novel.

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  • Yes! One of the bear brothers, firt thing that popped into my head when.I read his name xD

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  • I thought so too! :)

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  • He looks nice. Confused and unsure of exactly what's going on, but nice.

    Which probably means he's going to end up bossing Stephanus around at some point, isn't he?

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  • In reply to: vidya

    Oh yes for sure. And Stephanus reaction will be interesting.

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