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comp horys

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  • Lol, I'm a Horys! That was fun, thank you and I think that actually suit me perfectly! I would have like Seeyr though too!
    Mother Nature always rocks!

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  • Now this is the bloodline I would choose, and not just because of the hot leader. (Though he alone is good enough reason to want to join. *wiggles eyebrows*)

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  • I was sorted into the Hory's bloodline...I think I need to show my appreciation. I'm sure he is well versed..."let's get soaking wet !!" :D

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  • Ooh he's petty!

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  • I would join this bloodline just so I could get my hands on him!!!

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  • In reply to: ipodpixie

    He is da bomb!

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  • I'm absolutely loving the Native American vibe here! Seems perfect for weather workers.

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  • He is Native American! I don't know what tribe originally though. I have got to research this carefully.

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  • Make him old, when the Europeans first started to colonize the americas that would be really interesting.. for some reason too because she seems so wise and cultured her back story should’ve been in an African tribe when slavery started to come around; really interesting also love .. but keep up the good work! Ever dark gave me life! Lol such amazing stories I can’t wait to dive head first into this one, thank you for your amazing creativity

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