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Grayson has no intention of ever going near any vampires. He certainly doesn't want to be one. And the thought of joining the throngs of wannabes who are desperated to join the immortal beings and go through some kind of Hunger Games school sounds like the worst idea ever. But best laid plans are often dashed and Grayson has no choice but to seek sanctuary at Ever Dark Academy.

If he gets in...

For competition is, literally, cutthroat.

  • Did anyone else upon upon reading the character's name immediately think of the Batman character Dick Grayson

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  • I'm just thinking... If Grayson has the natural ability of telekinesis as a human...and Ryder is a Weryn vampire... If Ryder takes Grayson as his fledgling, would Grayson get BOTH abilities? Or would one dominate the other? An interesting question all the same...

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  • Definitely he is Ashyr.

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  • I wonder if Grayson's telekinetic ability arises from Ashyr blood already in his veins, even though he's still in his first life.

    We haven't heard that such a thing is possible, but who knows? Could be a backstory there.

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  • that hair and those CHEEKBONES remind me of delectable Milo from Dateavampire.com manga! but i can already tell he's MUCH more serious and has seen some shit.

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  • "Grayson Duke," hmmmm.... sounds Texan to my ear. "Gray Duke" hints at something deeper. It isn't a name I would have chosen but I have every faith Raythe will weave magic and I will come to love him. His build is lean and wiry, his face long with narrow eyes. His attire is simple and the untucked shirt strikes me as telling of deeper qualities. I'd guess this character was the suspicious sort, fast and surprisingly strong, but one to bolt when confronted. "Drifter," "loner," "sad." come to me but I'm not sure why. I get from his bio that he is in some kind of trouble but it runs deeper. I get the impression that he was always a stray, but never by choice. He made the best of a hard life. It toughened him, but his tender soul suffers under the harshness. I wonder how much of this hits the mark? Regardless, excellent illustration! It inspires the imagination! Did I forget to say that he was hot, oh, yes, very yummy. I can't wait to see him in action!

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  • Alright. I’ll bite...

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