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Jace Parker is the son of two experimental fighter pilots. His father still flies planes so classified that nothing like them has ever been seen before. His mother now is the base's commander. And that base? Well, it's been compared to Area 51. There are plenty of people who come to the small town to try and see the "alien technology" that the US government is testing. 

In contrast to his high-flying parents, Jace has been stricken by crippling tinnitus and migraines his whole life. While he always wanted to work for NASA and become an astronaut, these conditions have restricted him to only reading and writing science fiction.  Yet he still has vivid dreams of flying in space, going to worlds filled with ancient alien artifacts, and a dreaded enemy that hides in the shadows.

  • I get this...James Dean kind of vibe? A rebelious type, but at tha same time I really liked the idea of a disabled character?
    A lot of contradictions for this one.

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  • I've been really looking forward to reading this since you emailed out the teaser about it! Can't wait to start it. This will be my first time reading one of your stories that wasn't already far along. I'm sure the suspense is probably gonna be torture since I have a hard time putting your stories down. But I am looking forward to travelling on this journey with you!

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  • Omg I can’t wait....!

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  • Raythe, remember how I mentioned having a character with disability and turning that into a major plus, like Daredevil? Well guess what? You've done it! I will NOT be able to put this down!

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  • So excited for this series! I also hope that this character is like captain kirk/chris pine. Lets give our leading man a bit of devil may care with a large helping of charm and an even larger helping of luck. Also I would love to see one of our hero's finally play the devils advocate. Be on the good side but be willing to recognize that playing nice doesn't always work. I'd love to see our 'uke' for lack of a better word be not only be a match for our 'seme' in brains and bravery, but also cunning and ruthlessness. #LetTheUkePlayHardball

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  • Sorry, but in passing, I saw the title bar graphic. Jace's facial expression has a clear "Chris Pine" influence. I hope we get to see that combination of swagger and humor, like a nerd boy trying to live up to his dreams of the suave, sexy hero and missing the mark. My personal word for this type of guy is "adorkable." Picture Julian Harrow crossed with Caden from "Dragon's Reign." That is "adorkable." It fits Chris Pine to a "T." I hope Jace has similar qualities. I love hot guys who make me laugh.

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  • In reply to: Tantalos

    Yes please! Gimme that Chris Pine-ness! :)

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  • I definitely see the "Han Solo"/"Luke Skywalker" vibe of this character design. I imagine Julian from "Ever Dark" having a little brother who takes after him as a daring adventurer--at least in spirit. I'm intrigued by his having disabilities. I have one minor concern with the design.

    Commander Shepard was definitely multiethnic and that was by design. His background allowed people of all colors and creeds to identify with him. Jace definitely looks like a white boy. I don't expect that will impact the enjoyment of a good story for most readers. I merely point out an extra little touch that might help readers connect with the character on a more personal, intimate level. Maybe Jace can have multiethnic parents? That would be cool.

    Regardless, the character looks like he will be a handful. I'm eager to see how this story develops!

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  • Looking forward to your new story!

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  • Oh this sounds fascinating!!!! I can’t wait!!!! So eager for next month!!!!

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