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Once one of the most respected Alphas in the werewolf world, Mack lost everything -- including his mind -- when his beloved mate Eliza was killed.  He killed the humans who had caused her end, but after tasting human flesh and blood he went feral. No longer the calm, intelligent, steady Alpha, he became an incorrigible killer of humans, always eager for the slaughter.

Now he is hunted by those who once thought of him as a father.  But Mack is still as powerful as he ever was with keen intelligence that he has now turned towards destruction of everything and everyone he once loved.

  • This guy is daddy af!

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  • Ladies and gentlemen, Dermot Mulroney of the future.

    from Pelham, AL, USA
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  • he till hot,hopping he change back to himselves

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  • Can calm beast and man...yeah, so will Mack try to eat is grandmother and he will calm him and then the new alpha comes and is like: wtf, what are you, doesn't matter lemme kill him..and I will totally ignore that u are my mate weird human... XD

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  • Mack is HOT! That smirk is just way too naughty :D sometimes you just gotta love the bad guy. Totally understand why he goes rogue after losing his love. I'm kinda hoping now at the end of the story he will come back to himself.

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  • Everyone's profiles look so great. A thousand thumbs up to Mathia for showing the character designs this way; makes it much more personal. I'm really excited for this story~~ oh man. I just have to figure out how to balance working on thesis and staying updated on here. When I first went through each profile, I started to wonder who Jude would bump into first, Gareth or Mack and how that would play out the plot. Then! I started thinking 'Well, Jude picks up odd jobs here and there. What if somehow he ends up working for Mack (how or doing what, my brain didn't get that far yet) and eventually Gareth finds out but Mack already has a hold of Jude in someway shape or form and yadda yadda chaos ensues and it'll be terrible and great all at once.' I see a lot of stress in Gareth's future. But yeah! I'm so excited I don't know what to do with myself, but then I scroll back and look at Mack's smirk and calm down in a nervous way because you can tell he's constantly scheming something.

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  • In reply to: bookworm524

    It makes me laugh that Macks smirk comforts you some how. Lol! He sort of scares me.

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  • Beautiful! The artwork is incredible! Can't wait for the story. I do love me some wolves. LOL

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  • In reply to: luv_wolves4

    Mathia really brings the characters to life! The paintings give me tons of ideas for the characters.

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  • well you've done it again u and ur crew r amazing between the art work and ur fantastic writing I have no doubts this is gonna be a great story thanks I'm looking forward to this one with great interest ...I love shifter stories all that running around naked in the woods ;)...can't wait!

    thanks again

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