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CRIMSON - A Modern M/M Retelling of Little Red Riding Hood


Jude Connor has always been an outsider. Orphaned at ten, he learned quickly to be wary of people. Luckily, he's always had a sixth sense to pick out the ones to avoid and an ability to calm the savage beast whether it be animal or man. But his early experiences have soured him on the possibility of relationships and family, even though a part of him still wishes he could find a place to belong.


His fierce foster sister, Tessa Cambridge, fears that Jude's aimless, solitary life will never bring him happiness. When there are hints that their foster mother, known as “Grandmother Sophia” to all the countless foster kids she raised, may be suffering from dementia, Tessa sees this as a chance to Jude to set down some roots. She asks him to go check on the woman who saved both their lives in the small town of Forest Glenn.


Werewolf, Gareth the Gray Wolf, became Alpha of the Cold Moon Pack after a tragedy. Their former beloved Alpha, Mack, went rogue after the death of his mate Eliza, killing and devouring human beings and risking the exposure of werewolves to the human world. After seeing how the loss of his mate turned a good man and a great Alpha into a killing beast, Gareth knows that he can never take a mate of his own. He cannot risk his pack or the rest of the werewolf world by becoming like Mack.


As Alpha, Gareth is now tasked with hunting Mack down before he causes any more harm. He tracks Mack to a small town that goes by the name of Forest Glenn ...

  • Got me hooked after the first chapter.

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  • OMG YAY!
    I leave for a couple weeks and come back to this massive surprise?
    Raythe you are such a tease...
    I absolutely adore werewolves, pack dynamics are so much fun to write/and/or think about. I've been ragging on and on about Scott and Jordan and now this? Double hurray!!!
    I'm sure we would love to help you out with plot things, since you actually use our ideas and let us participate. :)

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  • Okay I liked this genre so much I've been reading other peoples work to occupy my time. And I've found one person who has put quite a lot of heart into their work. And it just so happened to remind me of Raythe's work. I think who ever is interested should read at least some of the story. It's on Wattpad: The Lost Wolf (boyxboy) by twluvrrrr133

    With a little more practice they could become a pro.:o

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  • In reply to: Akiraki

    I got my start in fanfic and I know I'm hardly alone. So I could well believe that there are great people in there.

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  • What if Jude was macks son but these humans killed his mate and took the baby thinking they were protecting one of their own and idk just an idea something like that lol

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  • In reply to: Dachel_21

    Intriguing idea. I admit I didn't think of anything like that.

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  • Very nice. Beautifully done as is all the artwork on the website.

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  • Mathia is the person that is most responsible for that!

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  • *Sqee* new story. I like the story of Red riding hood

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  • In reply to: nightrage

    Ever since I saw this movie from the 1980s I think I've wanted to do a story with Little Red Riding Hood with werewolves.

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