The Raythe Reign Times: March 2021

The Raythe Reign Times: March 2021

Catch up on what's happening at Raythe Reign for this month.  What's ending soon?  What's just getting started?  When is Raythe expecting to release her next book?

Remembering Skipper...

A Member known as Skipper passed away mid-February. We are so sad about this and miss him terribly.

Endings & Beginnings

Ever Dark Academy has 4 chapters already, and is getting 5 more in March!  Keep your comments coming!

Empire of Stars will probably get 4 chapters, and Dragon's Reign is getting 3.

Dragon's Reign will end in May.

Tide Bound almost done! Raythe thinks there will be 1 more chapter next month.

If you're new to the Mer universe, the reading order is: 

* The Merman book series on Amazon

* Merman 2: House of Aer

* Tide Bound (on the serial site)

NONE!  Raythe really wants to focus on Cinders & Ashes 3. Members will continue to get episodes because we have content in the bank, but the public podcast on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, etc is going on vacation until Feb 25.

Books & Audiobooks

Cinders & Ashes 3 (ebook) is out on March 27, but earlier for Members, who get it first and free.

* Audiobook for Cinders & Ashes 1 has gotten amazing reviews from most people.  Some can't get over his resemblance to Jean-Luc Picard...
* Audiobook for Cinders & Ashes 2 should be coming very soon!  It's completely finished, just awaiting Amazon approval.  A woman voices the female characters this time!

Free Stuff

Cinders & Ashes 1, March  27-31: 
25 audio codes for Members on March 6 for Cinders & Ashes 1
25 audio codes for Members on March 20 for Cinders & Ashes 2... we hope.  If it's not out by then, Raythe will choose another book to give out.​

Community Space

Discord is taking over!  Chat with fans about stories, recipes, art, whatever here:
Khoth's "Junk" & Other Sensual Matters...


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