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Seer of the Dead


A daughter of an ancient noble French family, Isabel has been sheltered all her life by her over-protective mother.  Her gift, seer of the dead, is a family trait though the last person to have this gift was her grandfather.  It has made her rather dreamy and disconnected with reality.  For the most part, the ghosts she has seen have been sad and lost.  She has no experience in those who are evil or something else altogether.

She chose to come to Miskatonic against her mother’s wishes and wants to use her gift rather than hide it.  The expedition is her first chance to show her worth.




  • I don't mean this in an insulting way, but she seems like she may be more powerful in some ways than we realize, powers that she will use for good, but at the same time seems a little like Aubrey from Pitch Perfect or Regina from Mean Girls.

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  • She looks like she would be a princess. Hope she knows what she is getting into!

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  • I think someone is going to get a very rude and dangerous reality check. I think she's about to learn why she was so sheltered.

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  • Um, good for her for seeking personal growth. But isn't it a little risky to bring someone who's powers are largely untried on a possibly dangerous expedition?

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  • In reply to: vidya

    The Nomad would say that her inexperience adds to the fun. But her power is very strong which is why she was chosen.

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