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Anarion licked the remnants of Dorn’s cum off his lips like it were cream and he were a cat. To continue the feline analogy, he was giving the semi-conscious Kin a cat-like grin, incredibly pleased with himself that he had pleasured Dorn so well on his first time out the the Second had nearly passed out.  Anarion was determined to practice and get better. He imagined Abaddon looking like this after he had sucked the Kin Commander off.  Anarion’s grin grew larger and his cock throbbed between his thighs.

Every moment he was with Dorn, Abaddon was not far from his mind.  He had wished that Abaddon was with them. In fact, he had imagined Abaddon was watching them while he sucked Dorn off and it had given him the hugest thrill.  He had almost cum in his pants, but he wanted to draw out his own.  He wanted to be touched.  Really, he wanted to have sex again. He yearned to have Abaddon inside of him when he came.  But the Kin Commander was still working on the Bridge.  

Anarion frowned.  He strangely wasn’t able to get a fix on Abaddon’s location. Last he had been aware of the Kin Commander’s movements, Abaddon had been speaking to Icar, but somehow he had lost track of him.

It was at that moment that the air stirred behind Anarion and suddenly fangs were at his throat.  He had only managed to half turn to face his “attacker” and that meant, even without seeing the spill of crimson hair that it was Abaddon who had caught him.  Anarion moaned and precum spurted from his cock and wetted the front of his undersuit as Abaddon leaned him back and sank his fangs into his neck.  Abaddon only took the smallest of sips, but when he covered Anarion’s mouth for a kiss, Anarion could taste himself on the Kin Commander’s tongue and lips.

Anarion’s eyes opened and Abaddon was leaning over him.  He smiled.  Abaddon did as well. His green eyes were mostly black with desire and Anarion let out a soft gasp.  Abaddon kissed him again. His tongue slid far into Anarion’s mouth, so far in that Anarion felt plundered by it.  Then Abaddon broke away.  Both their breathing was rushed even though Anarion knew their bodies could easily survive without oxygen.  

“You put on quite the show,” Abaddon’s voice was low and deep, like water rushing over rocks.

Anarion’s eyes widened. “You were watching us!”

A playful smile crossed Abaddon’s lips.  “I hid that fact from you, but I’m afraid that in my excitement and extreme arousal that something might have leaked through our bond.”

“Only that I thought I was imagining you watching us,” Anarion said, sounding breathless despite his lack of need for oxygen. His cock was pressing almost painfully against the interior of his undersuit, but he didn’t care. The pain stopped him from just simply cumming then and there.

“You should have joined us,” Dorn said.  His eyes were slitted open and there was a sensual smile on his face.  Dorn, utterly relaxed and practically boneless, was quite a sight. It was easy to see right then how tense he held himself at all other times.  So serious.  So duty bound.  Anarion loved him for that, but he realized then that keeping Dorn relaxed was going to be one of his own duties.

Yes, Dorn needs us to make him see the fun in life, Abaddon sent over their bond.

“You know how I enjoy watching, Dorn,” Abaddon said out loud.  “And what I saw …”  Abaddon shivered appreciably even as he held Anarion tighter against him. Both of them were on the floor before Dorn who was still sprawled on the chair above them.  “What I saw was just spectacular.”

“You should have seen it from my perspective,” Dorn drawled with that sensual smile making an appearance again. “I thought I might cum just from seeing Anarion kneeling between my legs.”

Anarion groaned and fiercely gripped the base of his cock.  “You guys are making it really hard not to cum right now.”

“That is the plan.”  Abaddon looked down at his face and Anarion simply melted.  

His hands slid up around Abaddon’s neck and he was pulling the Kin Commander down for another kiss.  “Then at least kiss when I do.  Make me think of the two of you when I orgasm.”

But instead of accepting his kiss Abaddon held him fast and shared a look with Dorn. The Second sat up with a matching smile on his face.

“What? What are you two planning?” Anarion asked.  His stomach was trilling with pleasure and his cock throbbed.  He knew that whatever it was would be good so he wasn’t nervous, more excited.

“You want to take him, don’t you, my lord?” Dorn’s voice rolled over Anarion like honey.  He leaned forward, his silver hair covering his left eye.

“Yes, Dorn.  I want to take him over you,” Abaddon said.

“What do you mean take me over Dorn?” Anarion’s cock jerked and there was another spurt of precum staining the front of his undersuit.  Luckily, he was wearing black.  But Abaddon knew and he demonstrated this by grinding his hand on top of Anarion’s erection.  Anarion moaned and pushed up against that strong hand.

“I mean I’m going to take you while you lay on top of Dorn and he manipulates you to cum again and again,” Abaddon said.

Anarion couldn’t speak in response to that. He could only stare open-mouthed at the Kin Commander.  Dorn chuckled.

“I’ve never seen Anarion so intent on anything.  Let alone speechless.  I do believe I need to harness this somehow into his training,” Dorn said.

“Hey!  Not fair! I’m totally dedicated to training!” Anarion cried, but then he was moaning again when Abaddon played with his balls through the thin material of the undersuit.

“You are, but not this dedicated.”  Dorn was grinning as he stood up from the chair and moved with loose-limbed sensuality over to the couch. He stripped off his undersuit and boots.  

Anarion’s mouth went dry as Dorn leaned over as he shucked off the white undersuit.   Dorn’s back was to him. His powerful naked buttocks flexed as he stood up and turned towards them. His cock was already flushed that dark pink again and half hard. His nipples stood out like stiff peaks. Anarion’s fangs ached again. He reached blindly for his drink and drained it.  There was some blood in it, but not enough. He felt like he could drain an army, but that made the pleasure that much more intense.

“I wish that I could drink from you both,” Anarion murmured.

“You can, but just not that much,” Abaddon said. One of his hands trailed over Anarion’s cheek. “Can you control your hunger, Anarion?”

“Yes,” Anarion said without further thought.  “I can.  If it will let me drink from the two of you, I will stay in control.”

“If you don’t, it will be hard to stop you, Anarion,” Dorn said as he laid down, completely nude on the couch. He opened his powerful thighs and played with his cock languidly.  Anarion couldn’t help but stare with rapt attention as Dorn stroked himself.  His long, pale fingers were mesmerizing against the dark pink flushed organ. “Know that unlike the time that Abaddon and I subdued you here, we will not have as easy a time of it. Not that it was easy the first time.”

Anarion understood Dorn’s warning. “I swear it, Dorn, that I am in control. In fact, before we go further, let’s get the bartender to bring more drinks.”

“Or we could have a human or a Kin brought,” Abaddon suggested. He stared unblinkingly at Anarion.

“You think I’ll shy away from that,” Anarion said after a moment’s reflection. “I won’t. Do it.  I’ll drink and then I want us to be together.”

“Are you sure, Anarion?  I could have bagged blood brought,” Abaddon replied softly though he was still unblinking.

“This is a test, isn’t it?  Besides the bagged blood would have to come from the MedBay and I really don’t want to deal with my father right now,” Anarion responded with a smile.  “I want to drink from both of you. I can ensure I don’t take too much if I have fresh blood in my belly, right?”

“That is correct,” Abaddon said. “I just drank before joining you.”

“I could use something as well,” Dorn replied. He was stroking his cock now. “Don’t worry, Anarion, they’ll just be hear to be drunk from unless you want to fuck them.”

Anarion’s stomach twisted.  It was a twist of arousal, fear and uncertainty. “No, I just want the two of you. You’re all I want.”

“Of course.”  Abaddon’s right hand cupped his skull. The Kin Commander’s thumb slowly rubbed over one of the planes of his head.  Anarion’s eyelids fluttered almost closed in pleasure.  

Without anyone calling for the bartender, though Anarion guessed it was the Abyss reading their intentions, suddenly a slender young human was brought and one of the former Order of Shoath members appeared between the parted curtains.   Neither of them would ever tell another soul what happened here.  

Anarion shocked himself by shaking off Abaddon’s hands gently and going over to the male Kin.  This Kin stared at him impassively, almost like a doll. He had long blond hair and green eyes.  He was of medium build and was wearing a simple orange undersuit.  Anarion wasn’t keen on the thought that he was drinking from someone who couldn’t resist him, but then he remembered what the Order had intended to happen to him and everyone on the Abyss: death, terrible, horrible death.  Anarion gripped his hair in a semi-gentle grip and tilted his head to the side.

The human woman watched with parted lips. Anarion could smell her arousal and knew that she wanted to see him drink from this Kin.  One of her hands drifted down between her legs, but she didn’t touch herself through the white costume she wore. Anarion knew she wanted to. She might actually rub herself to completion later thinking of this moment.  But her reaction was not important. It was Abaddon and Dorn’s that were crucial.

Anarion could feel the two vampires holding their breath.  Their eyes were fixed on him. They didn’t move and he thought it was likely that they were afraid of startling him and risking stopping him from doing this.  He knew why they were worried. He associated feeding with love and desire.  He still did. This was his way of giving himself the true drinking he wished to do on them.  

Anarion leaned in, his fangs extending easily. He brushed them along the Kin’s throat and the Kin shivered.  It was pleasurable to be drunk from. This Kin would learn that. He knew that the Order would consider such pleasure weakness or worse. But they were wrong about this and so many things.  Anarion’s mouth was even with the crease between the throat and neck. He sank his fangs into the Kin’s skin. It parted for him like butter and hot, hot, luscious blood gushed over his teeth and down his throat.  

Abaddon gasped and Anarion knew that the Kin Commander had to grip himself firmly to stop his erection from controlling him.  He could see through Abaddon’s eyes that Dorn was smiling at him rather dreamily. He was imagining Anarion drinking from him. How many times had Anarion drunk from Dorn and forced both of them to not enjoy it?  What a waste!  Anarion cursed himself for not allowing either of them to feel pleasure.  Now it would have to be a more truncated drinking, but he was determined not to miss a moment of it.

“Enough, my love. You must not drain him to death,” Abaddon murmured even as he undid the invisible seam at the top of his undersuit. Soon, the three of them would be naked. Better, they would be naked and fucking.

Anarion broken off. He had realized how hungry his fangs were in the Kin’s throat. The Kin swayed slightly, but then he caught himself and walked out of the alcove with a blissful expression on his face.  Anarion saw that one of the Blood Carriers brought him over to a secluded table and had him sit down.  A white-clad human was brought to him.

The female human was still in the alcove. Her breathing was heavy. Her pupils were dilated. Her right hand twitched near her crotch.  Anarion could almost feel her need to rub herself.  He would give her some of what he needed.  He grasped her by the hand and brought her over to Dorn.

“Kneel down,” he told her.

She did as commanded. A part of him twisted at her willingness to be fed from, but he thrust that from his mind. No one was going to hurt her here. She would be well taken care of. She would get her orgasm.  She wanted to be here and it was safe.  

Anarion felt Abaddon’s eyes on him, uncertain what he was going to do. Dorn’s eyebrows rose in surprise as well. He hid his satisfied smile. It was rare that he could surprise the two of them. He was going to continue to try.  He liked the results.

He tilted the woman’s head to the side and sank his fangs into her, too. He knew that Dorn and Abaddon were incredibly aroused and shocked by his eager feeding.  But he only took a mouthful from the woman and did not swallow it. This was not for him. It was for Dorn.

Anarion placed his lips over Dorn’s and waited the mere moment before Dorn opened his mouth to let his mouthful of blood pour into the Kin. Dorn eagerly drank it down.  When Anarion drew back, Dorn’s lips were stained a deeper crimson.  The silver-eyed Kin laced his fingers behind Anarion’s neck and brought him back in for another kiss.  Dorn’s tongue chased the woman’s blood in Anarion’s mouth until nothing was left.  The woman herself was gripped one of the cushions of the couch Dorn’s beautiful nude body was sprawled upon. Her lips were parted and her heart was racing.  Anarion caressed her cheek to soothe her.

“Dorn needs you,” he whispered to her.  “Feed him, please.”

Her eyes widened in surprise. Anarion guessed that such gentle talk was not something she experienced in the Blood Bar. “Of--of course.  It would be my pleasure.”

“Good.” Anarion leaned down and kissed Dorn’s lips lightly before he was rising and turning towards Abaddon.

The Kin Commander was watching him out of hooded eyes.  Anarion sauntered towards him as Dorn drank from the human woman.  Anarion stopped only six inches in front of Abaddon.  He knew there was a slight stain of blood on the left corner of his mouth.  Abaddon licked that stain away even as his powerful hands pulled open Anarion’s undersuit. Anarion knew it was ripping but neither of them cared.  He stood perfectly still, his cock stiff as a board, as Abaddon shredded the undersuit and left Anarion completely naked before him.

The air was cool and his nipples peaked.  Anarion’s cock was jutting in front of him.  His cockhead brushed against Abaddon’s left thigh, leaving a faint streak of white and wet. Abaddon didn’t seem to mind.  Anarion’s hands went to Abaddon’s undersuit, prepared to take it off for the Kin Commander, but Abaddon caught his hands.  

“Don’t you want me to undress you?” Anarion asked,  his voice little more than a whisper.  It seemed wrong to talk any louder. There was a sense of blessedness to this moment, like they were in a church or about to do a holy act.

“I want you to be on top of Dorn, presenting yourself to me,” Abaddon said.

Anarion shivered. “Of course.  Now?”

“Now,” Abaddon agreed. “Dorn has drunk his fill.”

The young human woman was already being ushered away by a Blood Carrier.  Anarion was amazed that they showed no interest in what was happening in this alcove. How often was it that they saw Abaddon having sex here?  Anarion didn’t want to think of it as a normal occurrence, but it likely had been.  

It’s different, because it is with you, Abaddon sent over their bond, reading Anarion’s thoughts.

I know. I don’t expect you to be as unversed in this as me!  Anarion mentally chuckled. I don’t want to be the blind leading the blind here. I like to think of your other experiences as practice for me.

Abaddon placed one finger against Anarion’s plush lips as he smiled almost softly at the young man. Yes, it was practice.  But nothing could have truly prepared me for you.  My heart has never felt like this.

Neither have I, Anarion said and then out loud he added, “Dorn, is this different for you like it is for Abaddon?”

“This?  Nothing could come close to this,” Dorn confirmed. “I wish I could share your inner communication.”

“You likely can,” Anarion said and he felt Dorn’s shock. Yes, they were all connection. “All of us, Abaddon, myself, you and Icar are connected. Black Heart, too, and the … the Abyss.  You just need to learn how.”

“Icar?  Damn, but of course, he would be.” Dorn’s eyes were wide. “Well, I look forward to you both showing me.”

“We’re all a part of one another,” Anarion said, the words feeling both alien and natural on his lips.  “Our connection will just grow with time.”

Abaddon was unsurprised by this revelation Dorn was not as sanguine.  He was shocked yet part of him was not. This was how it should be. Anarion was thrilled and a little scared. Being perfected meant being connected, not alone, yet he had been alone all his life.  So much was going to change. He couldn’t wait to eliminate Asadar so they could get on with the important things.

The important things?  Yes, this is far more important than Asadar’s little feud, Anarion realized.  It is wrong that people should suffer and die because of Asadar. This is truly not important.  What he is doing is borne of the madness in his mind.

“Let us memorialize this moment, Anarion.” Abaddon gently urged him towards Dorn. “The three of us connected.”

“I thought maybe you would want to bring Icar here, too.”  Dorn’s lips quivered as he stopped the smile that wanted to grace his face.

“I will bring Icar into this, but not now. Perhaps he will be your equal, Dorn,” Abaddon said.

Dorn’s mouth parted in shock. “You -- you are not serious!”

“I am.  Jack amuses him now, but only you truly challenge him,” Abaddon said.

“I would never --”

It was Anarion who reached and shushed Dorn. He was surprised to hear himself say, “Don’t say never. I said that about you and it hurts me to even think it.”

Dorn blinked at him.

Anarion continued, “We can’t know all that the future will bring, but I can tell you one thing, Dorn, I hope that it brings all of us love from each other and from people we don’t even know yet.”

Dorn’s expression softened.  “For you, Anarion, I could almost believe I would want Icar.”

“Almost believe?” Anarion’s eyes twinkled.  

“Almost,” Dorn confirmed. Then he reached out to him. “But right now, all I can think of is you. Abaddon wants you on top of me for when he takes you. I can see he is so very eager.  Come to me. Offer yourself to both of us.”

Anarion’s cock quivered as did the rest of him. Any deep knowledge he would have shared was lost to a wash of desire. He found himself walking to Dorn on trembling limbs especially after Abaddon brushed his fingers over Anarion’s bare buttocks.

Anarion crawled on top of Dorn. Their cocks drifted past each other, painting lines of desire on each other’s bellies. The soft silky shift of their thighs together nearly had Anarion cumming more than once.  Dorn stroked Anarion’s sides, back and buttocks.  Everywhere he touched, Anarion arched up into his hands. He loved to be caressed. In his life, it had been so rare to be touched.

“You are so responsive,” Dorn murmured as he kissed along Anarion’s throat and cheek.

It was then the Anarion heard the soft shift of Abaddon removing his own undersuit.  Both he and Dorn turned to look.  They froze in mid-caress. Abaddon’s nude body was not to be missed.  Anarion knew that he was holding his breath in anticipation and he sensed that Dorn was, too.

Abaddon’s body was like no one else’s. It was easy to say that both he and Dorn were lovely in their way, but Abaddon was in a category all his own.  His limbs were long and beautifully formed.  Muscled legs and arms were perfectly proportioned to Abaddon’s torso. And oh, his torso. Clearly cut pectorals and an eight-pack. But unlike those that normally were so cut, Abaddon did not look emaciated. He had a solidity that made Anarion’s hands ache to squeeze that velvety flesh.  His neck was swan-like. His face angular yet with a suggestion of softness, a beauty that couldn’t be found in simply angular lines. And his cock, of course, was a thing of beauty all on its own. Ten inches long, thick with a slightly bulbous head, and flushed a dark plum, Anarion’s anus quivered at the thought of it pushing inside him again.  But he was eager at the same time.

Abaddon stalked across the curtained space even as Dorn firmly gripped his hips, keeping him in place in case Abaddon simply wanted to plunge inside of him. Anarion’s anus tensed and released. He couldn’t help it.   His and Dorn’s cocks brushed against one another and Anarion realized more fully then how exquisite it would feel to be fucked by Abaddon while his cock was ground against Dorn’s. He spread his legs even as he lowered himself against Dorn. He wanted this so badly.

Dorn was nipping at his lower lip before drawing Anarion down for a full kiss. Such tenderness.  Such love. He was safe here.  He was adored here. Nothing to be afraid of. He could let go entirely and nothing bad would ever happen.

Abaddon was suddenly on the couch behind them. His breath was hot against Anarion’s ass.  He was parting Anarion’s ass cheeks and licking him without preamble.  Anarion’s head arched back in shock and pleasure, but Dorn was pulling him back down into a kiss. Even as Dorn plundered his mouth, Abaddon was tonguing his anus. Anarion was practically hyperventilating with the twin sensations.  He was being held in place. He was being prepared to be taken. Dorn and Abaddon worked together as if they were one being. Anarion was helpless and that made him hotter than before.

Abaddon had wetted his anus until he was slick with spittal. Anarion could feel the slickness. He was eager to be pierced. Abaddon’s mouth drifted up his spine. He kissed every inch of Anarion.  He ended up biting down at the base of Anarion’s skull, which had the young man gasping and spurting precum on Dorn’s taut belly.  For his part, Dorn was eagerly kissing him and stroking him. Anarion was so hard, he was sure that he would cum from a simple breeze, but Dorn kept him on the edge but would not allow him to fall over.  

Abaddon was kissing the back of his head.  He nipped Anarion’s right earlobe before sucking hard on a soft spot beneath Anarion’s jaw. He was panting and lifting his lips. He wanted Abaddon inside of him.  He didn’t have long to wait.

From somewhere, Abaddon was sinking slick fingers inside of him. Anarion could almost have believed his ass generated the slickness, but for the cool press of the tube of lubricant was inside his anus and squirting into his body.

Abaddon did not wait to pierce him and Anarion gasped as he was fully filled in one long inexorable push forward..  The Kin Commander evidently was on as much edge as Anarion and Dorn. His plump cock was simply sliding inside. Anarion’s body fell forward and he was lying flush against Dorn. Their cocks were alongside one another and Anarion knew as he looked into Dorn’s nearly black eyes that with every inward thrust of Abaddon’s cock, Anarion would rub against Dorn and they would cum together. He wanted that so very much.

Anarion decided not to be just a passive player in this. He was going to drive each man wild as much as he could. He immediately curled his body down against Dorn’s and rubbed furiously along the Kin’s front.  Dorn’s legs widened farther and he was clenching them around Anarion’s hips.

And then Abaddon began to move. It was a slow and steady pull out and then thrust in, but it was so much more. That cock pierced Anarion to his core and he pressed down onto Dorn. Their cock dueled together. The scent of musk rose up from all three of them to form a haze in the alcove.  Anarion was almost drunk with it. Dorn seemed the same. He was desperately trying to meld his body with both men.

Abaddon’s powerful hands were on his hips. Dorn’s were on his shoulders. The Kin Commander was kissing Anarion’s neck, head and cheeks. Dorn’s lips were on Anarion’s lips. Their tongues were frantically tangling. Their cocks were rubbing over one another.  

Abaddon was thrusting forward. It was so good. God, it was unbelieveable. Anarion was split open as the same time he was caressed, kissed and rubbed. The sensations doubled, tripled, quadrupled upon themselves. Anarion was panting and moaning and crying out and begging. All these sounds were unconscious and unbidden, but the burst out of him. Anarion was helpless and he loved it.

Abaddon thrust in and out, in and out, faster and faster, jerkier movements replacing smooth movements, but all the while he controlled Anarion’s ass.  Dorn used his thighs and stomach to keep Anarion pressed against him. Their cocks rubbed over each other’s taut belllies.  Anarion knew that Dorn could feel every thrust that Abaddon made and it was as if the Kin Commander’s cock was drilling into his own ass.  

Anarion arched. He was between Dorn and Abaddon. He was completely pierced through. His balls were drawn up against this body. His cock quivered. It was time. He had to cum. He twisted his head to the side to kiss Abaddon. His mouth and the Kin Commander’s met. Their tongues seemed to melt together. Dorn kissed Anarion’s face and gripped his shoulders.

Anarion let out a silent cry as his cock erupted between his and Dorn’s tightly pressed bodies. Dorn gasped and he came as well as if Anarion’s orgasm was more than enough to tip him over.  Abaddon thrust in half a dozen more times before he, too, was cumming.  Anarion felt like he was being filled and painted with magma.

His body, which had already emptied its semen on Dorn, collapsed as Abaddon’s semen penetrated it. Dorn was cumming at the same time as Abaddon. While the Kin Commander painted the inside of Anarion, Dorn soaked the outside of him with cum. The rich, heady scent of seed filled the air.  It was addictive and cloying.

All tension left Anarion and he collapsed between Dorn and Abaddon. The two powerful men were soon as limp as he was. Anarion let out a sigh as he was compressed between the heavy, sensual weights of Dorn and Abaddon.  Sleep was plucking at him. Black Heart called. No longer would his sleep be that of blackness and lack of memory. He would learn. He would grow. He would love.  

As Anarion drifted down to Black Heart, his hands linked with those of Dorn and Abaddon. The three of them would go to the mysterious planet together. In the flush of arousal, the three of them dropped to Black Heart’s surface and the future unfurled in front of them.


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  • So this is my first time reading this story. And wow, this scene is hands down the hottest thing I've ever read Absolutely love it!

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  • This was so hot and spectacular that I am at loss for words. The love that erupts out from these three makes me yearn for that type of love. I don't know how you do this Raythe but you make me feel like I'm falling in love when I read your stories. I just jsjzjdjnejkskkkddn Thank you!

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  • So fucking hot. Thanks for ignoring the naysayers and letting this threesome happen.

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  • Hot!!!! Oh God! Soooo Hot!!

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  • That was some serious, seriously hot scenes, wow, amazing! Yeah it might become quite interesting when Icar joins in, ha ha love it!

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  • Holy fing hell that was beond hot!
    Massive nosebleed indeed, borrowing from another comment. This was just WOW!!!
    Finaly the three of them became one :D

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  • :(

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  • If Anarion is able to change then one or both of his parents can. Maybe him and Nico clicked because Nico can change as well. Like calls to like. I honestly thought Dorn was going to get some booty time honestly hahaha. I think I jumped way ahead. But Icar and Dorn would be a good match. But I think everyone should be sharing that love all around.

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  • Ok just went from heart attack to massive nosebleed. I do believe you are trying to kill me Raythe. This was beyond my expectations amd so very very good. Youbare definitely changing my mind on the whole threesome thing. Icar for Dorn would be so good for both of em. I'm not too worried about Jack on this cause she is a really strong woman and I believe she would either move on or join them (which would be freaking hot as hell).

    Humans can also be turned by Anarion?!? Oh God I hope this is the answer to my question about Nico's mortality. Perhaps even Tranis and Mercy though that might be too much to ask.

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  • Im hoping that the enemy will kidnap Anarion. That would be interesting

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