The Raythe Reign Times: February 2021

The Raythe Reign Times: February 2021

Catch up on what's happening at Raythe Reign for this month.  What's ending soon?  What's just getting started?  When is Raythe expecting to release her next book?

Scheduled FB Live / YT Live Readings & Dragon's Reign Podcast:

NONE!  Raythe really wants to focus on Cinders & Ashes 3. Members will continue to get episodes because we have content in the bank, but the public podcast on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, etc is going on vacation until Feb 25.

Book & Story News:

* Ever Dark Academy starts Jan 31. Members, PLEASE, chime in with thoughts and reactions. Raythe listens to your feedback all the time, but especially in this beginning stage of a new serial. 
* Feb 20: Empire of Stars blog discussion on Khoth's junk / alien sex.  Keep ideas coming for alien races for Empire of Stars: 
* Cinders & Ashes 3: March 27. It's going long, probably even longer than C&A 2's 74k. Members get it first and free, or you can pre-order here:
* Tide Bound ending in March. 
* Dragon's Reign ends May-ish.
* Audiobook for Cinders & Ashes 1 is still in the ACX processing pipeline.  Hopefully will get approved... sometime... but it's out of our hands.

Free Stuff

Merman 1, Jan 29 - Feb 2: 
Cinders & Ashes 1, Feb 4-8: 
Vampire's Club Box Set (1-3), Feb 14-18:
25 audio codes for Members on Dec 12 through the blog

Community Space

Valentine's Day fan art / fic / whatever event on the fan discord!



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