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  • I've noticed that there are other stories where the setting is in Winter Haven, but I don't know which one is best to start with. Can someone give me a suggestion please? ?

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  • In reply to: Spyro

    I'm sorry :( no one said anything..but it depends on what you're into..The ERL KING and FELL are some my favorites..start there.

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  • I look forward to this story. I always thought of Incubi as interesting characters. I still hope for a new chapter on your story The Fell also since I really did enjoy that one.

    from Mesquite, NV, USA
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  • I personally am excited for this one. I would love technical in depth information about what you deem to be incubi and what they can represent under your universe for this story. You will probably follow the ancient role of them but other things added about them from your own imagination will be brilliant as well. I am already in love with them all their character is so deep and rich. The story I hope will be action packed with lots of violence, and deep in depth fight scenes. I have great hopes for this story!

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  • The tattoos are so pretty! Though their bearer looks... um... less than pleased...

    And the dartboard shape in the title looks cool. Will there be a scene where they play darts at the club?

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  • In reply to: vidya

    The tattoo is cool, but it makes me wonder: are they actually tattoos? In some of Mathia's other paintings, like 'Lucifer v.0.2' and 'Rahmvar Darkhael, Lord of Shadow and Death' the markings glow, like they're lines of magic, or something. But then again, Mathia does seem to like tribal tattoos period, as seen in 'Zodiac Signs: The Scorpio' and 'Faeries: Seelie and Unseelie'. What does everyone else think? Are those markings simple ink or not?

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  • In reply to: Erinys

    I think I WILL have them be somewhat magical. Maybe they appear stronger when he feeds (though that's a bit like Aidan). but they are very cool and deserve some kind of specialness.

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  • AHHH! I can't wait!!!!!!

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  • In reply to: myblacklillys

    I'm excited too! Stephanus is going to be fun to write.

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  • Oh my god. So exciting! And sexy! I'm conflicted. On one hand: don't want Cursed to end. On the other: REALLY want this to start.

    Seriously, sexy incubi love. It's what I've been waiting for!

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