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Liam Blake is a born protector and warrior.  His little brother Cameron is the one person he would give his life for without a second thought. Unfortunately, he gets his chance to do just that.

Now an immortal warrior in an eternal war with The Gash, Liam’s sole purpose is to keep The Gash from destroying the lives of any more innocents.  He thinks to never see Cameron again. But when The Gash determines to go after Cameron once more, Liam is thrust back into the life of a brother he comes to have very different feelings for than when he was alive.



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  • he's a bit of a Thor look alike to me which fits in nicely to the Norse theme.

    from Hull, UK
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  • Hi; I love the cover but I just noticed that the scar on Liam's forehead is on the right while in his portrait it's on the left?
    Which one is the right one?

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  • In reply to: coolliz

    It's vice versa for me, but that makes me wonder too...

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  • Maybe it's just me, but is anyone else getting an Ai no Kusabi vibe from this picture? He almost looks like Iason....

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  • In reply to: musicalife

    Yea I can see that. Same intensity!

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  • Wow this is one intense looking man! Definitely not someone you would wanna mess around with or have as an enemy. This artwork fits his description perfectly. He looks strong and determined to get his way, whatever his desires may be he will fight to get them or to protect the person he loves. I can absolutely believe that when I look at those piercing eyes. I'm looking gorward to reading more about him for sure :)

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  • He looks like one of those people you stammer like an idiot around, even if you're not actually attracted to him. I always find myself wanting to ask if they just get used to everyone stuttering after awhile.

    I guess that little tense vein on his forehead never goes away, does it? Not that I blame him; he has a lot to be stressed about!

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  • In reply to: vidya

    :D lol!! ★☆ He does have that "pressing" appearance doesn't he!? (*^‿^*)

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  • In reply to: vidya

    Is it a vein or a scar? I'm confussed

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