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Young man discovers he’s a merman.

Gabriel Braven's parents drowned in the ocean. He nearly died the same way. His lifelong fear of the water and commitment haunt him until he returns home to Water Side for his summer break from college with his best friend. There, in the town where he lost everything so long ago, he finds the love he thought would never be his and the revelation that the sea is his true home.


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Gabriel Braven

When he was a child, Gabriel’s parents died in the sea. Their boat capsized during a terrible storm. Gabriel was with them and should have died as well, yet somehow he survived. He has strange memories of something bringing him through the miles of ocean to shore. Now with a determined love-hate relationship with the water, he finds himself returning to his grandmother’s cottage on the ocean during a summer break from college with his best friend Corey. His fear and fascination for the water become stronger than ever, but he begins to wonder if his phobia/obsession comes from something deeper than his parents’ deaths.


Casillus has long been alone. A Mer prince, he has yet to find a mate to join his heart and mind with completely, but he knows there is someone out there for him.  Someone incredibly special.  And he will find them not matter what the cost.  One day when coming too near shore to enjoy the warm water and the sparkling sunlight, he feels a call from one of his own kind yet the call is strange. When he goes to investigate, he finds a young man drowning in the ocean. Only that young man isn’t really drowning, but changing, transforming into a Mer. Has Casillus found his mate or will Gabriel’s fear of water keep them forever apart?

Johnson Tims

Johnson is an ex-military man who has joined the prestigious, if secretive, Miskatonic University. He has come to town to lead a dig of a formerly unknown American Indian tribe’s temple complex. It is a monstrously large complex with elaborate temples built out a strange stone that glows like sunlight captured in water. He becomes obsessed with determining if the tribe’s tales of half-Mers, half-humans is real and, more importantly, if the tribe’s fears of these creatures was justified. Miskatonic has trained him to believe that the impossible can happen and he is determined to protect humanity against them if need be.

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