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Hans Falk found meaning again when he was turned into a vampire by Master Vampire Demetrius Black.  A faithful soldier before his death, he turned his considerable loyalty and devotion to Demetrius.  His love of order and calm though are challenged by Peter Black who is chaos personified. Will he be able to tame Peter's recklessness with discipline or will he fail?

  • Hans looks rather hot lol

  • When does the first chapter come out?

  • In reply to: Inukashi

    March 8.

  • Kindof thought Hans had short military cut hair...?

  • In reply to: BuddhaAli

    I'm pretty sure he did.

  • In reply to: nightrage

    I just reread Sanctuary 1 so I know he did have short hair. Maybe he decided on a new hairdo?

  • In reply to: mangaworm

    Mathia thought of a new hairdo and I felt it was nice so kept it.

  • Ha, Hans is making me think of Jordan. Is he going to be the Jordan to Peter's Scott?

  • In reply to: blaid

    Sort of. He's much more confident than Jordan. More a man of the world.



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