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The Merman is the individual book series based off of the serial story, The Sea!  This page is a place where Members will be able to download the e-versions of the books for FREE.  There will be five books in total.  As the books are released they will be added to this page for download in ePub, Mobi and PDF (the PDF is the most gorgeous). Members can download all the versions!

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The Merman: Transformation Book 1 (m/m, yaoi romance)

Gabriel Braven is destined for a great love, but he does not believe it.

His parents had a storybook romance … until a freak ocean storm robbed them of their lives and left him alone to be raised by his grandmother.   With their deaths, Gabriel’s adoration for the sea turned to fear, and his belief in happy-ever-afters turned to dust.  Gabriel vowed to never set foot in the ocean again and to never believe in love.

Gabriel kept that promise until after his junior year of college, when he and his best friend Corey return to the ocean-side town where he lost his parents in order to help his grandmother.  Gabriel’s bitter fear of the water has only grown, along with his belief that it is his destiny to be forever alone.

Corey is determined to prove Gabriel wrong.  It is his mission that summer for Gabriel to find love on the beach … and maybe do some swimming, too.  Gabriel will settle for simply not reliving his parents’ deaths every time he hears the rush and shush of the waves.

Both may get their wish as Gabriel discovers the hidden past of the Bravens and the sea sends someone amazing to his aid.

The Merman: Acceptance Book 2 (m/m, yaoi romance)

Gabriel Braven is a merman, but he does not believe it. 

Gabriel should have drowned twice in his life, but he survived. Casillus Nerion, his beautiful merman savior, tells him the reason for this is simple: Gabriel is a merman. Long ago, a Braven ancestor fell in love and had a child with a powerful merman. This child did not inherit the Mer gifts, but Gabriel has. 

Despite seeing inexplicable physical changes to his body when he gets wet and having trouble breathing when there is plenty of air, Gabriel’s head tells him that Mer, like love, do not exist. Ironically, both beliefs are being tested at the same time, as he tries to tell himself that the pounding of his heart when he even thinks of Casillus is imaginary, too. 

But whether Gabriel believes or not, Casillus tells him one more devastating fact: the Mer live forever, but unless Gabriel goes into the ocean with him in four days, Gabriel will die. 

Can Gabriel accept the truth before it’s too late? Can he open his heart to the merman that saved him? Can he believe Casillus’ words over their mental link that the Mer will never leave Gabriel? Or will he deny himself Casillus and his true nature until his last breath?

The Merman: Caller Book 3 (m/m, yaoi romance)


Gabriel Braven sees monsters, but he does not believe it.


As Gabriel struggles to cope with the three days he has left on land, a new complication arises.  His grandmother’s lover, the enigmatic archaeology professor Johnson Tims seems to know more than he should about Gabriel’s transformation into a merman.


Gabriel’s lifeline is his own lover, Casillus Nerion, prince of the ocean-dwelling, immortal Mer.  Life on land is becoming more and more difficult, but their loving mental connection grows with Gabriel’s trust in what he is becoming. Gabriel is even eager to get in the water if it is to be in Casillus’ strong arms.


However, Johnson is even more eager to lead Gabriel to the ancient temple his team has discovered that may have some tragic connection with the Mer.  Not even Casillus can sustain him when Gabriel is plunged into visions of the terrible past between the Mer and the humans… but what Gabriel discovers about himself is even more shocking.


 The Merman: Undersea Book 4 (m/m, yaoi romance)



Gabriel Braven senses danger, but he's helpless to stop it.


Gabriel’s inevitable transformation into a merman brings him both great joy and great sadness.  Though he must soon leave his human family, he is eager to experience the beauty of Imraldis, the Mer city, together with his water-dwelling lover, Casillus.  As Gabriel’s protective mental barriers finally begin to drop, he can grasp the true depths of his Mer prince’s encompassing love.


But Gabriel is unusual, even for a Mer.  As a rare Caller, his psychic gifts surprise even Casillus.  Though they will enable him to speak mind-to-mind with Corey and Grandma G on land, they also draw him closer to Cthulhu, the alien entity whose presence means destruction and madness for the human race.  


But Gabriel’s time on land is running out.  He has a feeling that nothing will stop his grandmother’s lover, Professor Johnson Tims, from exposing the Mer’s existence.  And he is not at all sure he can hold Cthulhu back from protecting the ocean-dwelling race… and destroying the humans in the process, including Corey and Grandma G!





The Merman: Landfall Book 5 (m/m, yaoi romance)


 The exciting conclusion to The Merman Series is here ... 

Gabriel Braven knows his destiny, but is he willing to face it? 

Gabriel has only one day left on land before moving to the wondrous Mer city to live forever with his true love, Mer Prince Casillus Nerion. He wishes his greatest challenges were giving up making love on land with Casillus and telling his beloved grandmother that he is a merman. But ex-soldier Johnson Tims has other plans for him.  

Twisted by exposure to the magical statute of the dread creature Cthulhu, Johnson intends to start a war with the Mers. He wants Gabriel to use his power as a Caller to bring Cthulhu itself to land, something that Gabriel has sworn never to do. If he does, everyone on the East Coast will die. 

When Johnson takes the desperate measure of kidnapping Casillus, Corey, and their Miskatonic friends, Gabriel must come up with a plan to save both his loved ones and the entire Eastern Seaboard from death and insanity.


Read the short story The Merman: Kidnapping Casillus!



The Merman Series follows every minute of Gabriel’s life from the time that he discovers Mers exist until he transitions himself; therefore, this short story takes place AFTER the events of The Merman Series breaks off.  


So those of you who have NOT finished the series yet may wish to hold off reading this until completing with the series, because there ARE some spoilers and the story ASSUMES you know what happened in the series.  


For those of you who are finished with the series or simply cannot wait to read this, please continue!  And thank you so much for supporting us!



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