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Super powers are not all they’re cracked up to be.

The Changed, humans gifted with super-powers, are feared by society for their unique abilities.  Damien and Jamie are the strongest of them. Isolated and enslaved by a powerful man, Asmodeus Cain, will they be allowed to find solace in each other or will Cain try to keep Damien for himself?

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Damien Cain aka Nox

Damien is a beautiful young man with the power to read people's minds and send shadows to do his bidding.  He is one of the Changed.  Humanity believes that the Changed are soldiers created by aliens known as Grays.  Many Changed are killed, but some are saved as slaves.  Damien is one of those who was "saved" by the rich and immoral Asmodeus Cain. Damien believes that everyone is two-faced until he meets his newest foster brother, Jamie Desmond.

Jamie Desmond aka Luce

Jamie is as bright and warm as his powers.  He controls electricity and can somehow block Damien's ability to read minds. But his soul is as sweet and pure as the light that comes from his fingertips.  He comes to live with Damien and Cain after his family is brutally murdered.  He immediately takes a liking to Damien and is determined to save the other boy from the darkness that seems to surround him.  But will his very presence force Damien to accept the dark?

Asmodeus Cain

Cain saves Changed for his business and pleasure.  Troubled, beautiful, young men are his weakness.  Having them in his house makes it all the more convenient.  The only one that has even refused him is Damien.  The boy's incredible intelligence and powers make him all the more irresistible to Cain.  But Damien is determined to keep away.  Until Jamie is brought into their family.  Then Damien is willing to do anything to keep Jamie safe.

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