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Member of Next Society 

Corey was thrust into the world of the paranormal when he finds out that his best friend is a merman.  Discovering that the world is nothing like anyone thinks, Corey's whole life is transformed.  He transfers to Miskatonic University and becomes a member of the Next Society.  His life, which was wrapped around his best friend now revolves around saving humanity from paranormal dangers and acting as a human go between with the monsters and magical creatures that are out there.

Now that he is a member of the  Next Society, Corey’s normal honest and open nature has been taxed, because of all the secrets he must keep. He’s beginning to realize that the only people he can truly be friends with and be himself with are those with as many secrets as him.  

He determines to go to Hamilton, Wisconsin, because he recognizes that humanity is about to collide with the unknown once more.

  • he looks so fluffy i kind of want to hug him XD

  • Those perf man boobs tho xD

  • Sadly I just noticed that Corey is wearing VERY tame colors. I truly wish to see what he looks like when he is in his usual outfits that have even the brightest flowers and the most colorful of birds look at him in envy.

  • I’m glad the characters of The Sea are developing on the own before (if you continual with next part) they all come back again for there next adventure. I like the ideal; with age you tend to grow and better understand the world around you. The last time we saw Corey he was at the end of his college sophomore year (could you tell me how old that is. For those who don’t live in the US. You different answer when you Google it).
    It is good to see Corey advances and grow in his role, even if it is taxing him.

    Could I ask how old Corey is here? Corey looks older than the other 4 students. In this picture he looks about in his late 20s. Reading his bio it sounds like he has been doing this far longer than the other 4 students.

    from Sydney NSW, Australia
  • I find this picture to be sad... He lost the joy of the world being just a little less confusing and somehow or another he ended up losing his Hawaiian shirts with it....:(

  • You are right! The Hawaiian shirt! OMG!
    And about his sadness...yes, also, he looks a bit older from what i pictured him.

  • This so exciting all the different stories are coming together! :O

  • Yay Finally! Its Corey ! He looks like a mix between college nerd and a viking. His looks very likeable and normal, 2 things that are no t often encountered in the manic world.

  • Wow, Corey is so much more handsome than I imagined him! He looks great!!

  • I totally wanna cuddle Corey.

    from Texas, USA
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