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Unknown Quantity


When Flynn was ten-years-old, he lived with his mother and father in Hamilton, Wisconsin in the west half of town.  One night in October, the lights went out in the west half and almost all the 1000 inhabitants vanished without a trace.  Only six children, including Flynn, were left behind.  None of the children had any memories of what had happened that night or the previous summer.

Flynn’s aunt and uncle take him in, change his last name, and hide from everyone his past.  But Flynn cannot forget the loss of his family nor his lost memories.  He is obsessed with finding out what happened to him and his parents.  Nothing will stop him from finding that out.  He believes that Professor Xavier Fall’s expedition to Hamilton will get him to that goal.

But even as he tries to keep his focus on finding out the truth, he can’t help but be fascinated by the enigma that is Professor Xavier Fall. He senses that there is just as great a mystery with him as with Hamilton.  And when he is warned against trusting him, Flynn finds himself attracted to Xavier even more.


  • Can I hope his eyes are green? I love me some green eyes.

  • Oh I think I am really going to like this one, can't wait!

  • I was totally expecting (and kinda hoping) that the Nomad would form a menage a trois with Alex and Demetrius. I'm sure I'll adore this Flynn just as much as Alex, but I'm still a little nervous (and excited)!

  • The worst thing someone said to Flynn was don't.

    I grew up in Wisconsin! Awesome.

  • I'm from Michigan, da U.P.! Practically neighbors.

  • Does this mean the Nomad will no longer wish to share with Demtrius and Alex? Flynn seems like he would be a handfull, even for the Nomad.

  • Aww! Nomad, be nice to him!

    And Raythe, what is it with you and mothers?!

  • In reply to: vidya

    Hey the father died, too! Lol! I know I kill parents all the damned time.


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