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In 2033, Japan is destroyed and the Ghost Disease strikes. Only it isn't a disease, but the spirits of the dead seeking out the living to devour.  Survivors of Ghost attacks are imprisoned, thought to be infected, except on the new home of the Japanese, Neo-Tokyo.

Run by the Yakuza, Neo-Tokyo is Tristan Price's only hope of escaping imprisonment when he survives a ghost attack.  With his uncle and little brother, Tristan seeks sanctuary with the Kyuubi-Kai Clan.  But sanctuary is the least he will find in the arms of the Clan's wakagashira Yasuo Maeda.

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Tristan Price

Tristan Price is one of the survivors of Ghost. His mother and father all perished one night while he was left alive. Survivors of Ghost attacks are imprisoned, thought to be contagious or worse.  There is only one place in existence where they are free: Neo-Tokyo.  His uncle has a plan to get Tristan and his little brother to the new Japanese country.  But they must align with one of the Yakuza clans that run the country.  
Tristan's first exposure to the Yakuza is in the powerful form of Yasuo Maeda, a man who kills as easily as Tristan breathes.  But Tristan senses that there is more to Maeda than just ruthlessness.  Will Neo-Tokyo be his safe haven or a gilded prison?  And will Maeda be his jailer or his savior?

Yasuo Maeda


Yasuo Maeda is the reason the Kyuubi-Kai is one of the most powerful of the seven Yakuza clans that run Neo-Tokyo. His mother was Ghosted while pregnant with him.  He was cut from her womb after her spirit led the Kyuubi-Kai's Oyabun to her body, which was already laid out in her white, burial kimono. The Oyabun raised Yasuo as his own son, recognizing that a child born in such a manner would undoubtedly be special.

Yasuo's skills with the blade and gun are legendary and have the hint of the preternatural about them. Some say that they come from the fact that he has one foot in the world of the dead and one in the living. His manner convinces many that this is true. His heart is cold and untouchable ... until he meets Tristan.

Kuroi Karasu


Kuroi Karasu's beginnings mirror Yasuo's except for some terrible differences. Unlike Yasuo's mother who was caught unawares by a ghost, Kuroi's mother sought them out. Nine months pregnant and filled with rage at the father of her child, she went out in a boat to where the ghosts cluster. She perished as hundreds of ghosts surrounded her, but her unborn son, Kuroi, did not. He, too was saved by an Oyabun, Hiro Nakamura of the Nakamura-kai, cut him from his mother's womb. Nakamura is rumored to be Kuroi's father, but he has never acknowledged the boy though Kuroi has risen high in the ranks of Nakamura-kai.

Kuroi is rumored to be able to make the ghosts do his bidding. He is also known to be quite mad ...

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