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Feng Huo is not what he seems.


Feng Huo is a master of Chinese Black Magic. He sees the potential in both Jian Chu and Longwei Tang.   He tries to teach the boys all he knows about Taoist sorcery so that they can assist him in expanding his empire against Black Ocean and the Yakuza who have grown in power since the establishment of Neo-Tokyo. 


In the end though, Jian and Longwei determine that they must free themselves from him.  But can such a powerful practitioner of Taoist sorcery be destroyed?  

  • He reminds me of all those bad guy from those real old Kung fu movies.

  • Amazing art as always.
    He looks a bit like an older version of Zhang Fengyi.

  • If he only taught the boys black magic, does that mean that Jian doesn't know any good magic to counter Longwei? That's unfortunate...

  • In reply to: vidya

    It's called "black magic" but maybe it isn't necessarily bad magic? Magic is a tool, and it's what you do with it that can be good or bad... Unless this black magic requires some sacrifices or other really bad things to work.

  • In reply to: keith

    I couldn't agree with you more Keith.


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