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Three men connected by desire, murder and dark magic …


In this sequel to Ghost: Neo-Tokyo (read Ghost: Neo-Tokyo first for the best experience) Freyr Brand is haunted by his mother’s death and his own survival.  Freya Brand was a federal prosecutor with plenty of enemies, and Freyr is determined to find out the person behind her killing.  He must flee San Francisco as he is now a Survivor of the alleged Ghost Disease and can only be free half a world away.  He travels to Hong Kong to save himself and find the truth about her death.  Instead, he finds two men who become determined to possess him no matter what the cost.


Jian Chu is a driven detective in the Hong Kong Organized Crime and Triad Division. His one goal in life is to stop his former best friend Longwei Tang from using the Taoist sorcery they were taught as children to take over the Triads and after that Hong Kong itself.  But then Freyr Brand enters his life and he finds another reason to fight Longwei.


Longwei Tang broke all the rules to rise to lead the Heian Mofa (“Dark Magic”) Triad through the use of Taoist sorcery. Once a bright light, he has turned completely to darkness.  Freya Brand was investigating the Heian Mofa’s infiltration of San Francisco.  Is he her killer?  Freyr Brand is determined to find out, but when he and Longwei meet, it is like fire and ice colliding and neither will be the same.


Can a love-triangle between three strong-willed men tear Hong Kong apart?

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