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Gay romance is forbidden in this 1930s gothic romantic suspense story, but a greater darkness than prejudice haunts our lovers’ steps.


When Carter Thomas discovers the elaborate clockwork door in the Dupre Mine, he seeks out Etienne Dupre, the sheltered son of the mine’s owner, for answers.   Both young men have long secretly loved one another from afar.


But even as their summertime love affair flames hot and forbidden, they discover secrets about Etienne’s heritage and the dark plan Armand Dupre has in store for his son.  If the door is opened then Etienne - and perhaps the world - will all be sacrificed to Armand’s lust for power.


Can Carter and Etienne stop Armand or has their fate already been written in stone?

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An M/M gothic romantic suspense story for the darker months.


  • Loved the story, simple but gets right too it. This could be the start on a prequel too how Winter Heaven was before Alric Koenig came to live there.

  • Love the story and how it ties in with several of the other stories. The are wonderful ;)

  • This story is amazing and I wish we could see more from these two; like their life in winter haven and Carter discovering the underground city etc; I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for a sequel. :)

  • 1930's thank you so much for that clarification! I've been trying to figure it out since the first time I read the story.

  • I like the cover art!


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