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Forbidden love between an immortal father and son.

Ethan struggles with his forbidden love for Alric, his king-like father, only to discover that Alric returns his secret passion.  But Ethan discovers that Alric is not the man Ethan thought he was; in fact, Alric is not human at all... nor are the loyal retainers Ethan has known since childhood.


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Ethan Koenig

Ethan is Alric's naive, devoted son.  Since he was a child, he knew that he loved his father too much and in the wrong way. Alric was the ultimate male in his eyes and none could reach him in intelligence nor power nor beauty.  Though he knows his incestuous feelings are wrong, he cannot rid himself of them. As a dread genetic illness closes his world down to his father, his wild-child best friend, Scott Westmore, and the Koenig family's devoted servants, Ethan's obsession for his father only grows even as he begins to suspect that Alric Koenig is far more than what he claims to be.

Alric Koenig

Alric is the seductive, wealthy and powerful owner of E-Core Pharmaceuticals. His son, Ethan, has been stricken with a terrible genetic illness and he is determined to find cure.  Ethan is his greatest treasure and he will do anything to protect and to keep the boy as his own.  Some think he would go so far as to test drugs on Winter Haven's unsuspecting populace. Others think he would take Ethan to bed to make sure no other can gain a place in his son's heart.  But none truly know Alric Koenig, because the face he presents to the modern world is merely a facade.

Scott Westmore

Scott is Ethan's best friend. A wealthy teen that is left to his own devices by parents who are absent and don't seem to care, he considers Ethan his only family.   But then Scott becomes convinced that Alric is testing out his illegal drugs on Winter Haven youth, killing them, in order to find a cure for his son's genetic illness.  But his investigations uncovers something far different and far darker than anything he'd ever suspected.  It leads him into the woods, at night, being followed by a terrible predator.  Will he be prey or something else entirely?

Jordan Frasier

Jordan is Alric's devoted servant, but he once had a family: a wife and son.  Why he left them, the scars on his cheek, and why came into Alric's service is a tale in itself, whivh is told in The Hunt. He has often been at odds with Scott Westmore, finding the boy's cheeky behavior infuriating yet alluring all the same. He hides a highly sensual nature.  He must use his considerable willpower to suppress his true desires. Scott, however, is a persistent presence and Jordan's control is not eternal.  But would a loss of control lead to greater freedom or yet more fresh hell?

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