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(epic fantasy, elves)


Elven King Aethaden Undriel is dying.  

And with his death, there will be no one to call the Guardian to protect the Valore Elves against the Riven, creatures of utter darkness and evil.  All the Undriels have fallen into the Black Sleep, as their bonded mates, Elven Warriors known as Blades, have disappeared from the Realm. Aethaden was born after the Sundering, so he alone of all his kin has survived the longest.  But his one thousandth year has passed and he must be bonded to a Blade, or he, too, will fall. Beyond desperate, he determines to follow the faintest of myths.  The myth of a Blade having traveled to the Human realm and surviving the Surrendering.

But what Aethaden finds on Earth is not at all what he expected, but will it be exactly what he needs?

Ciaran Hawthorne is dying.

Just like all of his mother's line, a strange illness drains his life away from each of them far too young.  Ciaran has been given the news from his doctors that there is nothing more they can do to stem the strange blood cancer that is killing. He has a month to live. Maybe more.  Likely less. He decides to end his days on lands that have been in his mother's family for generations.  A small cabin by endless woods.  There perhaps he can find peace.  Acceptance.  Though his warrior spirit rebels at just lying down to die ...

But when an impossibly beautiful man on a white horse fleeing from wraiths crosses his path, Ciaran forgets everything, but saving this man who looks to be in such desperate danger. 

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