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Connor has always secretly been in love with his stepmother, Lily, and she has always loved Connor.  When Connor's father dies in a freak accident they cannot hold back their mutual passion.  But Connor is shaken by a new discovery: he is the non-human leader of the Cult of Cthulu, a mad group that controls a giant sea monster intent on destroying all humanity.  Can Connor's love for Lily overcome the destiny that has been millennia in the making?

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Conner Ramsey

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Connor is the heir to the Ramsey fortune and, potentially, to the Marsh madness.  Or that is what he fears.  When Connor was a child, his mother attempted to drown them both, claiming that they were members of an underwater race that worshipped dread Cthulu.  After her death, Connor's father remarries a beautiful woman named Lily.  Connor is instantly smitten with her.  His father's death opens a possibility to be with her.  But will his Marsh heritage destroy that possibility and himself?

Lily Ramsey

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Lily has cared for her jaded yet fragile stepson since she entered his life.  Her marriage to Richard, Connor's father, becomes to seem more like a gilded cage than the loving relationship she desperately wanted.  She put all her love into her stepson, only that love turns from that of a mother to that of a lover.  Though she tries to stop these feelings, they only grow.  Then Richard dies and her stepson seems to need her more than ever.  Will the mother or lover win out?.

Caroline Ramsey nee Marsh

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Caroline is Connor's mother.  At one point, she was a vivacious, beautiful, intelligent woman, but suddenly she became obsessed and strange.  She began to hear voices from the sea, calling her to come down the depths where she and her son belonged.  Her family is known in the town of Arkham for its worship of Cthulu.  Has she rediscovered her roots?  Is he mad or really hearing the voice of a god?  Whichever it is, the end result is that she tries to kill herself and her son.m.

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