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Rockstar wooed by demon crime lord.

In a post-apocalyptic world, rising rockstar, Dylan Sloan, attracts powerful crime lord, Karidon Raiken. But when Dylan discovers that both he and Karidon are more than they appear to be, Dylan struggles to accept strange new truths about his and Karidon's world.


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Dylan Sloan

Dylan is a rising rock star and the lead singer for the goth band Label Rejects. With his bandmates at his side, he feels he can face the other talent he has other than singing: seeing monsters in the almost constant darkness of the scorched sky. Label Rejects' big break comes when the head of the Mars Crime Syndicate, Karidon Raiken, books them for a gig at the most exclusive club in the city, Recluse. The enigmatic and handsome Karidon attracts Dylan even as the man seems to also attract the most terrifying monsters to cluster around him.

Karidon Raiken

Karidon is supposedly a cold-blooded killer who murdered all the rival criminals to take over the city. Yet for all his fearsome reputation, he immediately takes Dylan under his wing and appears to admire the rocker's voice as much as his body.  He also apparently senses Dylan's ability to see monsters.  He asks the young man why he is afraid of them.  When Dylan says he's convinced the monsters are there to kill people, Raiken asks him how he knows.  After all, has Dylan ever talked to the creatures that inhabit the dark?


Archon is a dread and enigmatic figure. He is the leader of the monstrous Lords of the Darkening and Karidon's father Karidon had turned to him after a betrayal by his mother Steria. But does love influence Archon at all?  Or is there some darker emotion in his heart? His motives remain unclear even as he begins a war against Earth and his son.  If Karidon is to face off against him, would he back down, or would he fight all the harder?  Are his actions to make his son stronger or to seek his destruction? 

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