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Aidan Walsh is forced to move with his adoptive mother and sister into his lecherous grandfather's home on Devil's Ridge. Aidan is nearly lured to his death by something terrible in an old well out back, but is saved by the mysterious and alluring Asher Vane.  When his grandfather comes after Vane with a shotgun, calling him a "Demon Prince", Aidan realizes that the different life he wanted ... he may have found. 

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Aidan Walsh

Aidan's adoptive mother, Anna, discovered him as a baby alone in the woods in Devil's Ridge.  He knows nothing of his birth family and doesn't care to, because they abandoned him. But circumstances force them to move in with Anna's father, Grandfather Patrick, on the Ridge.  There Aidan meets Asher Vane, a leader among a mysterious people known as the Sidhe.  Asher claims Aidan is a Sidhe and is determined to take Aidan back to his people.  Will he go?

Asher Vane

Asher is a Dark Prince of the Sidhe, an elven race that makes the Dark Earth their home.  He recognizes Aidan as one of his people and is intent on bringing the youngling home.  Though he tries to resist, Asher finds himself in love with Aidan and doing things that he should not to please the boy.  One of those things in interfering in human activities to save Aidan's adoptive family from the depredations of the cult known only as the Clan.  These actions could lead to a terrible war.

Grandfather Patrick

Grandfather Patrick is Anna's father and the leader of the cult known only as the Clan who worships a dread goddess known as Cybella.  He hates the Sidhe with an unquenchable passion.  He recognizes Aidan as one of them and, despite his unnatural attraction to the boy, is determined to use Aidan to start a war between the Sidhe and the Clan.  But then Asher Vane comes onto his land, intent on taking Aidan and the war he wants may be within reach.

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