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There were eleven original Immortals, so says the Vampire's sacred text. Each Bloodline has unique gifts and each Vampire bears a tattoo of the symbol of their Bloodline on their right wrist. Though the eleven Immortals have long faded into obscurity, if they ever existed at all, their gifts live on in every new Vampire made. Ten of these Immortals allegedly founded the following Bloodlines:


Bloodline Eyros - Gift: Mind control.  Symbol: Silver ring


Bloodline Ashyr - Gift: Telekinesis. Symbol: Stylized air


Bloodline Horys - Gift: Over weather. Symbol: Thunderbolt


Bloodline Siryn - Gift: Music. Ability to play instruments and sing music of such beauty that humans will do anything they want ... even go mad. Symbol: Vine with Thorns.


Bloodline Weryn - Gift: Turn into Animal. Symbol: Face of Half Human/Half Animal.


Bloodline Kaly - Gift: Necromancy. Symbol: Skull  


Bloodline Helm - Gift: turn invisible/immaterial. Symbol: Smoke


Bloodline Seeyr - Gift: Can see the past, present, future. Symbol: a Raven


Bloodline Mirryr - Gift: Assume other's faces. Symbol: a shard of glass.


Bloodline Wyvern - Gift: teleportation. Symbol: Wings


And finally, there were bare fragments in their most sacred text of an Eleventh Bloodline, that of Daemon, the Vampire King, First Among Equals, the strongest of them all. He was said to have the gift of all the other bloodlines, plus another called Armageddon  His symbol was that of infinity. No vampire has ever appeared with the infinity symbol on his wrist ...

Until now.


Which Bloodline are you? 


  • I think more to Helm my friend always tell me they didn't notice me next to him

  • Bloodline daemon. I'll. Have all the gifts.

  • I would like to be dreaming. Have all the gifts. Wow

  • I am definitely . . . .Bloodline Seeyr!

  • i would definitely want to be weryn bloodline.

  • Siryn!

  • Definitely Kaly. Blame Dante Valentine for that one!

  • Bloodline Wyvern - definitely!! Then I could teleport to all the places I want to see in this world. It would be so very exciting!! I would just need to remember that journeys to and from places are also very worthwhile and not neglect a few of those. While all the powers are certainly tempting, this one seems to me to have the least down side and doesn't directly influence others in a negative way.

    I can tell already that this story is going to be fantastic!!!

  • Can't choose! I would live to be any of them and could see myself as fitting in most. :)

  • hi just out of curiosity just a yes or no please is he going to be related to nomad

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