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Julian Harrow’s parents were adventurers.  There were television programs and dozens of bestselling books that chronicled their treks to the ends of the Earth to find out if myths of magic, gods, and monsters were real. While wealth and fame were theirs, respect from the scholarly community escaped the Harrows.


Their last quest was not one that they shared with the public.  For they believed they had found a way into a place called Ever Dark, the Vampire world that exists beside humanity’s.  They had discovered one of Ever Dark’s cities that could be accessed by humans.  This city of pale stone seemed to have been forgotten and abandoned.  


Knowing that they would face only ridicule if they revealed the existence of Vampires to the world without absolute proof, Julian’s parents went in secret to this seemingly lost Vampire city.  They did not even tell their twelve-year-old son exactly where they were going.  They said they would come back with proof that Vampires existed.


Only they did not come back at all.


The police informed Julian that his parents died in a car accident.  Julian never believed that.  He is convinced that his parents found Ever Dark … and that the Vampires found and killed them.


Now, twenty-eight-year-old Julian believes that he has found the entrance to that abandoned city of pale stone.  With his best friend, Christian Thorne, playing Scully to his Mulder, the two of them are intent on completing his parents’ work and proving to the world that Vampires are real.


Only, neither of them, really thought about what it would mean to meet a Vampire, let alone their king ...


  • Those eye are dangerous

  • Besides looking handsome, this guy really looks scary. Those piercing eyes are lazerlike in their intensity! He'll make a great vampire! :)

  • He's so scruffy. <g> I love it, though I'm not sure 'revealing that vampires are real' is a great plan.

  • hes cute

  • He's gorgeous, kind of reminds me of the guys from Teen Wolf or Robbie Amell. I'm sure that at least visually/imagery-wise, this book will be wonderful. I want to read the first chapter before passing judgement though.

  • This is going to be fun sooooo excited:D:D:D:D:D:D:Dyay

  • In reply to: jcsolcp

    I'm plotting out everything I can think of! I want it to be consistent and rich.

  • In reply to: Raythe

    you will be as always AMAZING

  • Purple eyes! .... And the rest of him is nice to look at too.:p:) That and he's named Julian. 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' fans/shippers will understand why this is relevant.;)

  • In reply to: River_Iris

    I admit that I have no idea about the significance! Someone will have to fill me in! Mathia did a brilliant job on this character.

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