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A young man enters a world of elite dragon shifters.

Poor student Sebastian grew up having a crush on his older, rich neighbor, Fallon. When the handsome man starts courting him, Sebastian can hardly believe it, but their developing love is threatened by Fallon’s family’s deep secret: they’re all immortal dragon-shifters.


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Sebastian Ford

Sebastian is out of money and maybe out of time after his father's death and his mother's plunge into catatonia.  But then two seemingly unconnected things occur: (1) a childhood crush, Fallon Gedeon, returns from Europe, and (2) he is offered a job at the exclusive gentlemen's club, The Lair.  Are these ways out of his troubles or deeper into them?

Fallon Gedeon

Fallon has been running from a secret, overwhelming desire for Sebastian Ford.  His family's obsessional tendencies are full blown in him.  To protect Sebastian from it and try and free himself from it, he flees.  But he can't stay away.  He returns and his desire for Sebastian is the least of his worries.

Mathias Gedeon

Mathias loves his eldest son, Fallon, greatly.  Like his son, he has an obsessional nature, only his is turned towards his three children.  He will not let Fallon fall in love with Sebastian Ford.  And the first step in his plan is to offer Sebastian a job at The Lair.  One wonders if that doesn't work what he'll do next.

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