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Valerius is the oldest and most powerful of all the Dragon-Shifters.  He has survived many battles and has the scars to prove it.  The last thing he wants is another dragon in his territory.

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  • beautful

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  • This is the sexiest and dangerous dragon I ever saw

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  • O my god i'm so excited ;);););)
    Of course i still love Sanctuary 2,Ever Dark,The Elven King 's Blade (i can wait for the next chapter) ;)

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  • In reply to: catalina1995

    Of course! One new favorite doesn't replace the others!

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  • Oh I'm so excited already!!!! I can't wait for thursday!!!!

    from Germany
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  • In reply to: smint45

    Hope you enjoy it!

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  • I've never been so excited for a new story before. I love dragons! <3

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  • In reply to: Tundrafire

    Me, too!

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  • Can't wait to read this although my hopes were raised when I saw dragon I thought you were continuing or reimagining Drakon.

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  • In reply to: addienasaffir

    Not at this time. This will be very different than that. I hope you enjoy it!

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