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rr dragonshifters character Valerius B

rr dragonshifters character Valerius

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Valerius did not want Shifters to reveal themselves to the world knowing that fear, jealousy and upheaval of the current known order would lead to war.  And he was right.

People's faith was shaken as the existence of Shifters went against what they believed was true. World governments scrambled to try and harness the power of the Shifters they could see military value in such as Werewolves and Big Cat Shifters. Others hunted Shifters as if their animal forms made them less than human.

The world was plunging towards chaos and Valerius decided to stop it.

Valerius united the Dragon Shifters, and beneath them all other Shifter kind.  The war ended practically before it began, because of the might of the dragons, who were immune to even the greatest of human weapons.

An agreement was entered into where the Dragon Shifters divided the world into eight kingdoms. The human governments reported to them, but still governed on the day to day matters.  Humans and Shifters were to be treated the same under the law, but in practice ... well, prejudice reigned on both sides, but they worked together.

Thirty years passed since the war, and peace, if an uneasy one, had been the norm.  Now with a new Dragon Shifter in the world, people wondered if the Dragon Shifters, who had brought peace, would bring another war between themselves ...

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  • He kind of reminds me of Thorin from the Hobbit! Very handsome.

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  • ...*zooms in*

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  • Great illustrations! My preference is without the beard, but that's just me! :)

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  • he looks better with beard. He is very scarred but they look to small to be dragon´s claws unless he has those same scars in dragon form and they just shrink to proportion?

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  • Not gonna lie....wasn't expecting the dick pic. And a very nice dick it is. ;)

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